Monday, October 10, 2011

Blogger Awards? -- Why Thank You!

I'm no longer a blog award virgin y'all! ;) 

A big thank you to one of my new (and fellow Texan) blog (and hopefully real life) friends for passing on The Versatile Blogger award. Be sure to stop by and visit Britney to check out her nest complete with family adventures and two cute pups. Thanks again girl, and I hope to see you soon at an Htown bloggers meetup! 

So here it is:
Rule #1: Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post. (Done and Done!) 

Rule #2: Share seven things about yourself:(a trickier part) 

1. When I started teaching I never thought I'd view it as a life career.  I'd never make it! And every Fall that I taught I felt the same way. Never again. Not next year. Looking at other options.
And Spring rolls around and voila, all is right in the world again. I really do look forward to working with high schoolers again someday. It's not for everyone, but I think God chose it for me! 
2. When I grow up (alongside said teaching career I suppose), I will write cards for Hallmark (not the funny ones, the sweet ones). 
3. I love a good plan but secretly wish I were a bit more spontaneous. 
4. I listen to country music way more than any other genre. Maybe it's being in TX; maybe the pop market is terrible right now. (Sorry, Shelly. I can't get into Kei$ha. Can't.) 
5. In my life dreams I have at least 5 kids. 
6. I really want to be a dog person. I do. But I'm not, and not a cat person either. I'm more of a person person. 
7. I'm a rule follower. Unless, oh, I don't know, let's say a certain rule calls for passing on this award to 15 recently discovered blogs in which case rules become something like chain letter email rules. Some things are worth passing on because they are cute, funny, inspiring, but to everyone and their grandma? Not gonna happen. 

Rule #3: Pass the award on to 15 bloggers that you have recently discovered 


Because I can totally relate ...  From Corporate to Domestic

Because she's a mom. And Southern. And super sweet! ... Confessions of a Magnolia Mom

Because she inspires me ... Table for 3

Because she's got it together (and has an adorable baby girl) ... The Workaholic Momma 

Because one day she will teach me all about makeup (and I can't wait until she blogs about her baby girl!) : O is Me

Oh, and there's MORE!
A special thanks to another new blog (and hopefully IRL) friend, Katie who has an adorable 4-month old with a head full of hair and a heartwarming smile. Be sure to visit and give her some blog love. 

She passed these other awards my way, along with another Versatile Blogger (dang, didn't realize I was so darn versatile!) I thought I blogged about:
A. The Sheriff
B. The Sheriff
C. The Sheriff and 
D. Sometimes food

 I am not going to add another 7 things about myself. I could be stretching to find something interesting. And then... it could get ugly! 

Thanks to you Katie I've been able to walk around saying, "My blog is on fi-yah!" (Yep this receives strange looks from the hubs.) 


Erin said...

YAY for you getting bloggy awards! And super YAY for you passing it along to me! You are too sweet and it's fine by me if all you blog about is the Sheriff and food :)

Cole said...

Way to go!!! Great awards. :-)

Meg O. said...

Congratulations on your awards and thank you so much for passing it onto me :) xoxo

Sincerely Sara Cate said...

Woohoo award! Congratulations. I also love a good plan. I wasn't able to admit that I liked sticking to a plan until recently - I tried to convince myself I has a lot of spontaneity in me - but I really only have a little. I like my plans!

Natalie said...

YAY! Thanks for my award are too kind! :)

the workaholic momma said...

Congrats on your awards girl - you TOTALLY deserve them!!! I LOVE reading your blog and reading your tweets...and I might just blame you for all of the food I've been pinning on Pinterest;)

Thanks for passing the award along to me and my little blog....I'm working on getting back to blogging - work seems to get in the way sometimes;)