Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Bucket List in Sugar Land

Thanks to Katie, we've all got big wonderful plans to make the most of this Fall! (I can't wait for her Winter, Spring, and Summer lists! Hint...hint...) I might have to try to make one myself since living in the South means a climate that makes some of the Northern activities a bit difficult. Or maybe this list that's floating around will carry us all the way to the New Year when it's cool enough for everything as summer is still in full force around these parts. It's really such a great idea, so hats off to you Katie for getting us all started.

So a few weeks into September as I was longing for Fall to roll around (am still longing in case I haven't made it clear in every post how stinking hot it is!), I put out our list:

And a few weekends ago, we hit our local pumpkin patch at Dewberry Farms (and by local I mean drive 1.5 hours near construction-ridden I-10 to get there).  But we had a blast! We actually met up with some of the moms in our playgroup which was fun, but it's definitely hard to do things together when the toddlers are really the ones in charge!

W found real ducks that didn't swim away as he said hello:

There was a great playground/park area for the little ones and my itsy bitsy spider couldn't get enough:

So back to that bucket list. I believe we can check off 3 items even if we didn't "technically" do it in true Fall style. Instead of a hay ride to the pumpkin patch we rode in a wagon pulled by a good old John Deere which W loved (as long as we were moving of course).  There wasn't any hay involved but I say it counts. There may be other hay rides in our near future, but just in case, I'm checking it off!

And we passed by the corn maze. After a long hot morning with a sleepy baby, rolling the stroller (that we left at the beginning of the trail ride) through it just wasn't going to happen. That's where weather is they key. With temps in the 90s, you can only do so much outside!

But, low and behold--- The Pumpkin Patch!

The Sheriff loves pumpkins. In his eyes, they are giant balls, but as he comes to discover, quite heavy.

I love this pic! It doesn't so much capture any pumpkins, but his sweet, all-boy face melts my heart.

Loving it!

Down, set, hike???

Here, Momma, let's get this one! I think he was so excited that he finally found one he could pick up, but look at the intensity on his face! 

One great "Fall" day with these two boys? I'll take it

Thanks again Katie for the great reminder to make great memories with our loved ones!


The Miskell Family said...

You NEED to add meet us at a girls night to that fall bucket list missy!!!!

Nicole said...

Wouldn't you just love to go apple picking??
I love the pictures! And W is so adorable picking up that pumpkin.

Natalie said...

Ha ha that boy does love some pumpkins!

the workaholic momma said...

AAAWWW....so cute - I love all of the pics!!! We are hoping to head to the pumpkin patch this weekend!!