Thursday, October 20, 2011

Never Say Never

I know. One should not claim to NEVER do or say certain things right? But this little non-rule breaker is doing it anyway. Boom. There's me rebelling.

Never will I:

-read all of the books on my list (or maybe on my nightstand for that matter!)

-use the words "totes," "presh," or "cray-cray" in a conversation, blog post, tweet. Just not my style.

-climb Mt. Everest -- let's face it. This would have happened already if it meant anything to me.

-get a tattoo. I know; they are all the rage SAHMommas! But, I think I'd have one already if this here body was meant for it. At this point my practical self just can't get over what happens to our bodies when we get "old."

-attempt to make hot and sour soup in a crock pot again. Or spinach lasagna for that matter. It's already been deleted from my Pinterest board. (And you know that's serious!)

-be a serious couponer. I'm a one store, one stop kind of girl. (That being said. I just bought a new coupon holder at the dollar store since I seemed to have left mine in a grocery store a few months ago.)

You all are more than free to call me on it if sometime in the future I hit an item off this list. But I think -

It's NEVER going to happen!


Momma StJ said... took me forever to figure out what Totes even meant.

with you on the coupons, not into 'stocking up' or buying things I don't need!!

I am thinking about getting a tattoo white ink, so it's not very visible, something in my dads handwriting. We'll see if I ever get the guts to do it!

Erin said...

I totes agree with so much of this. And I think all these moms are a little cray cray for getting tattoos at this point in life.

ps. just had to use those words!! HAHA, I use them when it's appropriate to annoy the husband :)

Meg O. said...

HA! I use "totes" and "cray cray" in a sarcastic manner and it is so much fun!

Anonymous said...

lol on being a couponer! i seriously just unsubscribed to all retail stores bec i was tired of junking my email inbox when i NEVER look at the coupons.

and i seriously didn't know what "totes" meant until i read the previous comments. i dont use any of those either!