Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Blog Post(s) That I Should Have Already Written

It's almost Christmas (as Hallmark reminds us with their countdown ornament on every commercial break), but I know you are just dying to know about Halloween! And my November Birchbox! And Thanksgiving lunch at Cowboy's company! Right? Right?

That's what I thought.

 So Birchbox first. Here's what I received. It seems to be what a lot of people got in their boxes as well. I'm really loving the hair protein mist but am totally not sure about this body polish. Help a girl out---so do I use it in the shower and then wash it off like an exfoliant? Or use before going out? And by going out I mean to Target right?

And here's the obligatory I painted my nails the color of the bottle I'm holding picture. This color is fun, but I really love the product itself and feel like it went on pretty flawlessly and dried quickly which is a must for this busy-body. 

Before we took off for LA, we stopped by for lunch at Cowboy's office party. It's always fun to run into the coworkers that I do know, and this year we were surprised by a teacher friend whose husband now works there. Good times, I tell ya.

They had a camera set up for some family photos, so we took the opportunity after stuffing our faces for meal #1 of Thanksgiving feasts.

And stuffing our faces we did. W discovers the joys of the dinner roll!

He loved decorating apples with Daddy, but loved even more rolling and throwing this decorated apple around the ranch. He was, of course, loving it and thus behaving, so what are two newbie parents to do but reinforce the idea that apples are indeed balls and allow him to continue. One day we'll learn.

And now it's time to go way back.

Yoda was a total bust in terms of costumes, so we went with a backup. With a Saints outfit and a bit of brown eyeshadow on his cheek, we created our own little Drew Brees. The kiddo was dressed up but didn't know it. Everyone's a winner.

In other news, as we get into the holiday spirit, I am quickly realizing that I have to work on my wrapping skills before The Sheriff is a bit older. I can see him in the future saying, "What gives Momma? Do you really think Santa lets the elves get away with such sloppy work?"


Meg O. said...

I've never tried Zoya nail polish - I've been meaning to give it a go. Looks good on you! And I love the pictures from the party. What a beautiful family!

Natalie said...

Aww he was a cute little Saints football player! He looked like he did enjoy his dinner rolls!

the workaholic momma said... this catch-up:) The Saints costume is darling and so smart of you to not get something that would result in crying fits or the dreaded "are you crazy, lady - why am i wearing this?!" looks!!

I LOVE that blue nail fun!!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!!

Allie said...

I really need to start birchbox...I love that blue nailpolish!!! I love your little football player!! swoon!

Faith said...

haha what a fun update! its a good twist to all the christmas-y updates were all seeing right about now. :) you can never go wrong with dinner rolls (esp with butter)! and what a cute "drew brees" he made on halloween!

Happiness Is... said...

Drew Brees rocks. He should be that every year! I have a secret plan to get Thatcher to be friends with Drew's kids. Not working yet.