Thursday, December 8, 2011

Web Gems

Maybe I should make it an every Thursday affair, but then I'd have to do more research and actually remember to post. I think I'll pass.

Some must-reads this week:

I love this list about Things White Girls Post on Facebook. You could also include Twitter in this list! It makes me laugh, and I just might be guilty of a few of them....just a few of course.

Toddler Tantrums--this breakdown doesn't offer any advice that we brilliant moms probably know, but interesting that there is a science to it. Or maybe they are stretching just a bit.

Check out these Confessions of a Terrible Father by Drew Magary and know of course, it's all in good fun and bypass the language.

And if it's still naptime around your neck of the woods, take some time to read one writer's perspective on the Tebow craze.

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