Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Fun

Thanks again to  Nicole  for this format!


Outside my window... Today and tomorrow will be bleh, but Sunday, oh sweet Sunday!, the rain and cold rolls in, and I can't wait to put some finishing Christmas touches around the house and snuggle with our little family while cheering on the Texans. 

I am wondering...  when I will hit the Post Office with The Sheriff. I'm totally dreading it and need a day to arrive right when they open. He's not a fan of lines. 

I have whimsical plans about... girls' nights out. I'm just bad about this and so appreciate my weekend/evening time with my boys, even if we are both on our computers in front of the tv. I need to get over this. 

I am wearing... workout clothes, but did I work out? Nope. It's Friday and time for taking it easy today and enjoying a clean home (well, mostly clean home.) 

I am loving... the Walmart Christmas commercials. Cheeseball I will always be. That and Amazon Prime. Hello, online Christmas shopping.

I appreciate... a week full of a late-sleeping child. I keep asking, "What did I do to deserve this? And how can I get it again next week?"

From the kitchen... we've finally had some cooler weather and have embraced it with White Chicken Chili and pumpkin bread. This week I hope to really concentrate on meals that we can all eat, toddler included. The chili is definitely too spicy and not really his type of food anyway. Here's to you, Pinterest, where I'll be looking! 

I am grateful... for our neighborhood parks (and location of our house) because there are 5, yes 5 parks within walking or jogging distance, and it's such a joy to watch W grow into each playground. 

I am thinking about... errands that I need to run, and by need I, of course, mean want. Michaels...Dollar Store...Charming Charlies. Don't toddlers know it's Christmas season. There are gifts to buy kid!

I am praying for... a son taken away from his father by a selfish woman. 

Sheriff... is 17 months (and I've missed his post, but it's coming soon). It cracks me up how "little person" he is. If there is a magazine on the coffee table, he picks it up and flips through it. He takes this certain box of toys and always puts them on the couch and arranges them.

I am attempting to live the Gospel by... being grateful and joyful. During this season of Advent, I really want to prepare my heart to celebrate the birth of Christ and all that that means in the New Year. 

Planning for the weekend.. Tigers, Toe-socks, and Gumbo--a winning trifecta! We are having some friends over for the game, and I'm pretty excited but well aware that I may be the only fool in toe socks, especially since I believe the forecast calls for mid 70s. But who will be the fool on Sunday when the cold rolls in?  You have to be prepared.

A picture thought I am sharing...

I think Santa went that way! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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the workaholic momma said... that pic of W- too cute:) That is so awesome that you guys have so many parks SO close...we have one that backs up to our neighborhood and I totally need to get Addie up there more often!!!

I hope W keeps sleeping well for you!!