Thursday, December 1, 2011

Funny Thing About Toddlers

I'm blogging. In bed. And if all goes as planned, I will take a nap afterwards. I know, SAHMs have it so easy right?

Wrong. I have already mopped, done a load of laundry, cooked breakfast and lunch for a toddler and myself, managed to clean the kitchen afterwards, vacuumed (with the aid of my favorite little helper who loves the thing), and cashed in a Groupon at our local baby/kid consignment shop. Oh yea, and I showered and fixed my hair too.

It's not really been one of those days, but maybe just one of those couple of hours. So if I don't take a few moments for myself while The Sheriff naps, I see quite the sour mood for the afternoon.

Back to those toddlers mentioned in the title. Who programs these little tykes anyway? They are so strange, so very strange. But they cause adults to partake is strange behaviors as well. Looking into my cabinet, it appears that I have a phobia of running out of toddler food. Are you the same way?

And with a toddler you never know what you'll find in (or out of, for that matter) your purse (that giant thing you carry around claiming to be a purse but can really fit a small country). Random books, diapers, crayons from a restaurant, boogie wipes you used to wipe snacks off his face and needed a place to stash to throw away, a paci reserve (for those whose kiddos use them), the ever-present sippy cup, your cheap (and now scratched) sunglasses (the second pair of course because the kiddo full on broke the first), and maybe even a cheerio at the bottom somewhere. I try to clean it often and re-organize the mess, but yes, it is quite the mess!

And the wee bits themselves? Well, they do things like only eat certain foods if you prepared them as your own meal. Make them with love for the toddler himself, and well, he only looks at you like you're crazy for thinking he'll eat that.

Then there's the obsessions. Right now we are on oven mitts. Kid loves them. For a while it was pillows, and then Mardi Gras beads. I'm sure those will come back into style soon; the good things always do right? They are just funny that way, I suppose.

What are you favorite toddler quirks? I'm dying to know what else we're in for!


Lindsey said...

Kudos for taking a shower! I skipped that in total defeat today. In my purse: tiny underwear, a fire engine, and of course that second pair of sunglasses! If we run our of grapes, M feels that he might as well not go on with life. I feel ya, and I'm glad you got a few minutes to yourself this afternoon.

Natalie said...

The food situation drives me moment he loves something one moment he is throwing it on the floor! Drives me bananas!

Meg O. said...

Hahah. Oh man, I am loving this post! I guess this is what I have to look forward to in a few years!!!