Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun With Our Phones

Linking up with Savannah and Ashlee today for some phone picture fun. I have a boatload of pics on the old phone and haven't plugged in in quite a while because, well, let's just say clumsy over here has managed to drop both my laptop and cell phone in a matter of 3 weeks. And my clumsy I mean me, not the toddler. He's semi-coordinated. Me on the other hand, not so much. 

I'll just share a few favorite things I've managed to capture:

A dishwasher full of coffee cups means company--my mom's favorite! 

My favorite smile

Dancing is always a classic

Birthday favorites from a friend

A much needed date night duo
Toddler TV watching feet

Current favorite toy

Peeking out from the pillows on momma's bed--2nd favorite activity 
Want to play? Grab your phone, download some pics, tell us about them and link up!


Ashlee Miller said...

I have those same mugs with the matching plates and bowls! The dancing picture is my favorite. He is cute!!

Natalie said...

He is always smiling! He seems like such a happy kid!

Courtney Johnson said...

Loves! Looks like he's got some moves...

Jewely Bug said...

Sweet photos. He is such a cutie pie. :)

E @ Life on a Quilt said...

The dancing photos is HANDS DOWN the best! Amazing!

Savanah said...

awww Toddler feet <3
Thanks for playing along with us :) Love seeing pics of the little man!

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

I love the dancing pic!