Thursday, January 26, 2012


I was really searching for a cohesive post this morning, but looking back, I've got 103, yes one hundred three, drafts. Some are probably deletable. Well, most might be considering they are indeed drafts.  This particular post oh-so-brilliantly entitled "Randoms" is one of those drafts, so let's knock it out and bring that little number to 102.

I wasted W's sleeping in watching The Challenge--Exes, and I'm not sure if I'm a fan or not.  Plus I feel like I wasted valuable alone time since the toddler has been needy lately. I should have been reading blogs, or writing this post, or even working out although I'm not supposed to since Momma is less than toned!
Speaking of--when did these jeans get so tight? And said jeans have a hole in the knee. Looks like I'll be joining Lindsay's movement.

Getting my patch on means a trip to the craft store which I've planned for this weekend anyway. It must be a solo trip. I was telling Nicole, my partner in yes, we will craft soon, buddy that W is pretty good on errands but there is something about a trip to Michaels/Hobby Lobby that brings out the worst in him. I've got two theories--1. My fine husband is brainwashing him while I'm not listening. 2. It's in their genes, and boys just aren't cut out for aisles of crafty fun.
My guess is numero uno, and all this time I thought they were reading books before bed. Cowboy was really instilling the dangers of raffia, mod podge, and burlap.

We did Walmart this morning---a good, long Walmart trip. The kid was amazing. Guess who totally avoided the craft area? There is really something to this.

We came back with the necessities and most of our list, but I also broke down and did the unthinkable. After much warning from the mother of the child for which I purchased colored bubbles, I bought our own purple bubble bottle. Should.Be.Interesting. Naked baby on the grass blowing purple bubbles coming this spring to a backyard near you.

And now I'm off to check out what other genius ideas I considered writing about. Better yet, I'm going to clean house first, read all of your blogs, write amazing comments, and then check it out. I'll have plenty of time right?

Happy Thursday!


Mrs. Mama said...

haha this cracked me up.

first off... 103 drafts?! SERIOUSLY?! ahhhh, my eyes would go coo-coo. i would go craaaazy.

im so bad with drafts. i start. and i never go back

craft store?! hahahaha i died.

The Femats said...

You will have to keep us posted on the colored bubbles :)

Lindsey said...

I knew I could start a patchy trend! Also interested in (yet wary of) the purple bubbles. Oh, and I organized M's grown-out-of clothes into bins in his closet today. Thought of you b/c of a previous post of yours!

Nicole said...

Now I want to know what you have in your drafts folder!!

Anonymous said...

colored bubbles??? hmm...

and 103 drafts??? lady!!! that is one heck of a list!!! i want to see what you drafted...