Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Link-up Going GREEN

It must be said once again--I love that Becky started this little crafty link-up. I love getting new ideas, but even more, I love the inspiration pressure to get my butt in gear and get crafty.

Thanks again Mama for such a great link-up!

I took a couple of spins on the February GREEN theme and didn't stick with the go-to St. Patrick's Day or Spring crafts. I had every intention to, really I did, but this is what we ended up with.

February is not just the Winter season for these Cajuns but Mardi Gras season, and yes, we are no longer in Louisiana, but you can take the girl out of Louisiana....and you know the rest.

So we threw a Mardi Gras themed play date (which needed even more LA flare but with a sick toddler, my planning sucked!), and I decided I needed my craft to be not just green, but green with a side of PURPLE and GOLD.

I found this project on Pinterest, but the pin isn't linking correctly now, so jump over to the original post here. With a ton of beads dropped off by my mom on her visit and a few items grabbed at Michaels, I spend a nap time or two on a great Mardi Gras wreath.

I followed Brittany's directions after a massive struggle with floral wire. Exhibit A:

The wreath was seriously easy and a perfect accessory for letting the good times roll!

But that's not all. Then I decided to go Christmas on everyone with this Shiner Cheer bottle cap tree. Shiner Cheer is near and dear to our now Texan hearts, and I love that when I texted a pic to my husband, he said, "That's so us." I guess that could make us look like a couple of lushes, but it's just another tradition, that's all, and now it's got a special place.

My inspiration was here:

I arranged the caps in a heart, but they didn't line up right. Something just wasn't "cute" enough, so I played around with the shapes and decided on a Christmas tree. I googled bottle cap trees and from the results decided to put a pop of color behind the caps for the white background.

Supplies include a scrapbook frame (whatever size you like or find on sale!), bottle caps, cardstock, and a hot glue gun.

Pick your shape, arrange the caps, and hot glue them down. Simple as that! I'm guessing there are holiday brews in your area, so make them your own!

And The Sheriff could not be left out. He made this (with a little help) with Crayola paint and a Hot Wheels truck and upon finishing said, "Cop-cur!" Why yes son, it does indeed resemble a helicopter. Guess we've got an artist on our hands!


Erin said...

There you go again! I'm always so jealous of your crafts! They looks amazing. Love the bottle capped heart :)

Natalie said...

I really love that wreath it came out great!

Mrs. Mama said...

look at you miss crafty pants!!! that wreath is awesome! and the tree too, and then of course the sheriff.... he always pulls through with something amazing!

Faith said...

oh my goodness! i'm so jealuous! in fact so much so that i even spelled jealous wrong the first time! made ya look or you probably already noticed the first time. anyway those are all so great!!!!!

momto8 said...

wow...the wreath is fabulous!! you must love it too!!
I am your newest follower...pls follow back if you can.