Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saturday Morning Ikea Style

We had a free Saturday morning. The Sheriff was in ear infection recovery but in great spirits, so we grabbed a paci just in case (no, we haven't made that jump as promised a few weeks ago....another post) and headed out to Ikea. It's not that far of a journey, but it's a must-be-planned trip. Will we eat lunch there and have W nap on the way home? Will we hustle and sing lots of songs on the way home to keep him awake then feed him what's sure to be a grumpy lunch on his part and then have him nap?

So, yes, we decided on lunch there and would definitely rethink this next time. And tonight we discovered that there indeed will be a next time. While I started The Bachelor, Cowoby prepped to build the office shelf (hello Allen wrench) to discover that the black-brown shelf we thought we purchased as white, like Alleluia White. At the warehouse part of the trip though, we were out of our minds with a toddler meltdown. Anyway...

You go to Ikea for the furniture/accessories not the food right? No one warned me.

I obviously didn't document the entire experience. Believe me; you wouldn't want that. Let's just say that 10 minutes in we were already having discussions about getting a sitter next time we wanted to go. It wasn't that bad, well, until the end. Well, until the toddler kept saying "Eat, eat" which led us to try to feed him food (yes, food, that's what you feed people) and eat our own Ikea special ourselves. W then decided to perform his latest trick which is to ask for things (like food) then cry for them to go bye-bye to only ask for them again. Seriously, what goes on in the mind of a toddler? Discover that, and you'll be a millionaire.

You know it's been rough when not only does the toddler come home with goldfish drools and snot on his shirt,

and although it's hard to tell, but you do as well from snotty cuddles, along with Mardi Gras stickers--totally normal. 

We're thankful for pictures (and sometimes videos) like this one that Grandpa sends and W loves. World meet Teauxjean the wonder dog. Seriously, a wonder dog. 

Regardless, after some picture taking to grab what we wanted in the warehouse,

 we've got more seating in our den.

 And The Sheriff got his own Allen wrench on

which of course both of us jumped on to document. 

It was all worth it when this little guy enjoyed the fruits of his labor: post three hour nap animal cracker snack at his new table.

The trip was a huge success and a bit of a mess. I know for a fact that the little guy wasn't feeling well so who can blame him for his meltdown. I felt horrible for taking him after, but it happens. At least our next trip should be for a quick return, and maybe we can be back for our own tasty lunch instead of springing for 2.99 Swedish meatballs.


Am I Really Grown Up? said...

There are no Ikeas close to us so I am so jealous!

Natalie said...

Awww that table looks perfect for W! I need one for Nolan. Sorry for the rough start though!

Anonymous said...

there's nothing wrong with swedish meatballs they are good! and sweet cuddly bear is so adorable with his little tools and that table looks perfect for him!