Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kitchen Aid

Going back through the old draft folder (Remember?), and came across this particular one.

I have to share not only some Fall pics of me and the little guy but also (in case I haven't yet) one of my favorites from Bakerella.

You've got to try her Pumpkin Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies with Maple Brown Butter Frosting. Yes, they are a cookie worthy of the name.

Not only did I end up with these cookies at Halloween (yes, that long ago Friends), but I spent the afternoon whipping them up with this face:

My mom made that skirt (I chose the patriotic prints), and I love it. If you are interested in purchasing one like it (for you or a friend/family member in the military) let me know! Or if you've got another "theme" let me know. I can pass it along. 

What a helper! 

An oven mitt is one of his favorite accessories; we've got a foodie in the making!

 They are a "Fall" cookie, I suppose, but I say you can take them into Winter for sure! So grab your ingredients and make before Spring heads our way. The groundhog says you've got about 6 weeks!  


Erin said...

Alright now I want cookies and a new apron!

Happiness Is... said...

Those look amazing!

Faith said...

That is one tasty name for a cookie and I think you had me at the name! Is Bakerella only in your neck of woods? What a fun little helper...can't believe we're going as far back as halloween girl lol but I do remember you saying you had 100+ drafts, right? :) more, more, more...