Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's the Story on That?

I've been seeing commercials for Sakowitz furs in Houston with women trotting out of the store and around town in  these lavish fur coats. Really? Really? For that one weekend it's rather chilly? What's the story on that?

Pinterest is seriously going to change the face of being a mom. No longer are premade cardboard Valentine's Day cards going to be acceptable. In fact, just when I thought we'd have to step up our game by buying the ones with candy already attached, now we've got to get crafty ourselves and use printables that say "you're the bomb" attached to constuction paper covered rolos or give a blowpop a cape and attach some quip about being a superhero. Oh child, don't grow up and leave for elementary school any time soon. Maybe Pinterest will just implode by then.  And by the way, who am I kidding? Check this out:

(I'm typing this on Saturday night. Between now and Tuesday I just have to figure out how to make it print the correct size so I can attach to a clear bag with a fun bouncy ball for our play date!)

Last week I made Martha Stewart's Shepherd's Pie which not only called for white cheddar cheese (ok it was good), but asked me to make "decorative peaks" with the mashed potato. Did Martha ever have a toddler halfway up her leg and make said peaks while attempting not to spill mashed potatoes on his head,? Come on--being "decorative" was not an option. On top of that, she said the potatoes were ready when they could be "pierced with the tip of a paring knife."What? Is the term "fork tender" too commonplace  for you? So I ask you, Martha, what's the story on that?

Then I go ahead and not only complete my DIY Valentine's craft but manage to take pictures and get them uploaded to blog about them to link up, and the hubs calls me out on my pictures telling me that it doesn't capture the sparkle which is the point. I get it, and it makes total sense, but Cowboy, what's the story on that?

And finally, did you happen to see this commercial (which I believe first aired during the Super Bowl, but I could be wrong)?

Cowboy and I both gave each other the "did that just happen?" look. What's the story on that, Luvs?


Happiness Is... said...

I just talked about the Valentine's Day pressure from Pinterest Monday, too - it's OOC! Your idea was really cute :)

Erin said...

AHHH!! So many thoughts about this post....
First, pinterest is forcing all moms to get crafty! Second, you ARE crafty and your stuff always turns out amazing! So no complaining :)

Last, when the husband and I saw this commercial come on, we went to DVR and rewatched it several times. Are they serious with that commercial?! HA!

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

I love being on pinterest but it makes me feel alittle bit like I'm failing with my crafty quotient. I didn't do anything for Valentine's Day on there except heart crayons. Hopefully if I get started now, I'll make some cute Easter things.

Mrs. Mama said...

i couldn't see the commercial! booo!!

and E does the SAME thing when im cooking... crawling up my leg screaming and crying and whining... and omg for the love of!

Erin+Josh said...

I saw that LUVS commercial a while back, it's so rediculous!

BUt hey, we're trying LUVS right now because they are so much cheaper.. so we'll see if they live up to the hype

Faith said...

did ya notice how much i'm stalking you today?

i seriously have to take a step back from pinterest bec it makes me feel like no matter how much i try i wont be as creative and as crafty as some of the chicks are out there. i opted for straight up candy and little vday plastic goody bags from the dollar tree for the kiddos vday gifts.