Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flaunt a Friend Link-Up and New Blog Friends!

Keeping up with this whole blogging world can be quite the handful. You don't even want to know how many unread items I have in GR right now!
But thanks to Erin who linked up last week, I discovered a few more blogs that are definitely worth adding to my list, and I want to pass on the love and share a blog or two that I adore.

Thanks Tiffany and Lindsey for hosting such a fun link-up!

Y'all first have to meet Allie over at Table for More. With the four fellows in her life, thanks to the recent addition of sweet baby boy Jude, Allie shares her world through lenses of faith, family, and love.

She captures the world through the eyes of her children in her photography; she captures the world as a mother in her thoughtful commentary, tips, recipes, and shared experiences. Stop by and say hi!

Then click on over to say hi to Ashley, a fellow LA girl, who shares her story as working mom to one sweet wee bit, a wee bit I realize every day is not so wee anymore. I've loved watching Thatcher grow in the wake, in a sense, of my own growing little boy! Her posts often have me reminiscing of W's days, and in my head Thatcher doesn't really grow up! But then he goes and does totally toddler things like this and cracks us all up in the meantime.

Grounded in her faith, Ashley inspires me with poignant posts about the different hats we wear and lives we carve, and I've been blessed to bond over shared stories and cultures and call her Friend. (I'm pretty sure we will meet someday in Nola for a quick cup of coffee as blog turned in real life friends!)

So take your shoes off, put your feet up, (dodge the toddler crawling up your leg. Kidding. Read while he/she sleeps right?), and check out these ladies. You won't be disappointed!


Tiffany said...

Those two are amazing bloggers! Love them!
Thank you so much for linking up with us!

Sassy Ms Ginger said...

Thanks for visiting! I am off to check these ladies out now!

Happiness Is... said...

Thank you sweet friend! I can't wait for that cup of coffee! Is it weird that I think things like "maybe Thatcher and W would be college roomates" - I guess my point is just that every day I am even MORE convinced that blogging is His way of connecting us to people we're meant to know for one reason or another.

Natalie said...

I love both these gals! They are on my must read list :)

Allie said...

Thanks so much mama!! I totally love you two!! So blessed to have such wonderful mamas to follow!! I hate how out of touch I have been with Jude arriving!! Cannot wait to catch back up!!! XOXOXOXO

Erin said...

Love both these ladies. It's always fun to see who reads who's blogs lol. Hope you're having a nice week!