Monday, April 30, 2012

Toddlers Meeting Heroes

I'm mostly writing this picture heavy post for the sake of our own family story hopefully being documented soon Becky style in a beautiful book we'll someday pass on to our children and their families.

Our mom's group visited a local fire station a few months ago after one thoughtful mom took the initiative to arrange a visit with the hope of acquainting our children enough with firefighters so Heaven forbid anything happen, they would be less afraid of the big noisy trucks and men dressed in scary garb  barging into their homes or neighbors homes or schools or whatever the case may be. Again, we all hope and pray that they never have to experience such traumatic event, but you just never know.

The trip was definitely a success and proved her thoughts correct. Many of the kids (about ages 2-3) were timid, some all out afraid complete with crying and clinging to mom. Others were totally digging being able to climb into the engines and ring the bells on the old-school firetruck. Our little guy fell somewhere in the middle. The Sheriff hesitantly took it all in but would have no part of kicking the fireman's boot when he showed how he puts on all of the gear, nor would he actually get inside of the firetruck. I can understand that; it is after all a great deal larger than the ones in his books!

It was totally worth it though, and while I bet the firefighters thought, "Oh geez, these mommas and their cameras!" I love having these pictures to flip through with W to keep him acquainted with some of our nation's greatest heroes and the work they do to keep us safe.

Several of the kids toured the inside of the station while we hung out in the garage and never quite made our way in.

The highlight of the occasion was definitely seeing a truck leave. The kids were quite impressed.

Especially this little guy. I think he was the last to move from that window.

And as if the fire station didn't make for a great enough morning, one of our good friends is an E.R. nurse and hooked us up with a visit to the hospital's helipad where we met some of the crew and were able to get inside. You'd think it would have been the best experience of The Sheriff's short life due to his love of helicopters.

You'd think wrong. After a long morning, and again, with everything being so big to a little guy like himself, it was just too much. Yet again, I'm so glad we went and he'll have pictures to remind him of just how cool the experience actually was. Thanks again Ann!

I tend to think he was just upset because the option of sitting in the pilot's seat wasn't mentioned. No?


Faith said...

what. a. fun. trip!!! how cool that y'all got to check out the copter and go inside it! as i read on, i was seriously waiting for you to say "and we got to fly in it!!" and the tears might've been bec he was overflowing with joy and excitement! ;)

D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

What great trips for a little guy! Even if he was timid, I'm sure he'll look back at the pictures and be reminded of what a great mama he has!

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

How fun! As I was reading the first part I was thinking someone needs to hook this kid up with a medevac chopper!

the workaholic momma said...

What a great idea!!!! I can remember visiting the fire house when I was in elem school and just thinking it was the coolest thing ever...but it is so important to do it before then. Addie is scared of people she doesn't know...let alone big men in heavy fire suits...I'm pretty sure she would freak!!! And how cool to see the medevac copter!!!

Natalie said...

I bet W loved it...but yes I could see how he could be overwhelmed with how big everything was...I wonder how Nolan would be?