Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Come Monday, It'll Be All Right

Thanks again to  Nicole  for lots of things, this post idea among them!

TODAY: (Today was Monday morning, then Monday afternoon. Today became Tuesday night. Today might be your Wednesday. Regardless, may today be all that you need it to be!) 

Outside my window... dusk, just dusk. Sometimes I think this time of the evening might be my favorite. Then I slap away a Texas sized mosquito from my leg. Then my face. That one was probably originally from LA and sensed blood from the homeland. And then one might fly around my glass of wine. Then I'm pissed. 

I am wondering... why toddlers seem to throw a kink in your thoughts and plans just when you thought you had it all figured out and have come to decisions. W had a rough stint at the Little Gym for a while and wasn't enjoying it. I decided we'd take some time off, probably the entire year. The past month, however, the kid has seriously grown in confidence and it shows in his motor skills, interactions with the other kids, and even in taking his learning outside of the gym and back home I know I'm his momma and I'm supposed to say these kind words. I'm not so certain now of taking such a long break. Maybe we'll just put it on hold this summer.

I am wishing... that, speaking of LG, that they would offer a month to month rate instead of having to sign up for the entire year. 

I am listening to... the crooning Phillip Phillips duet with the silly sounds of a toddler not quite ready to rest his weary head coming from his crib. 

I have whimsical plans about... Olympics crafts and decorating! If you follow me on Pinterest, you are on to me. 

I am loving... Splash pads! Seriously, where were these parks when we were kids. We had a hose-pipe and a sprinkler most days. But I'm not so sure about parental etiquette there. So what do you wear? A swimsuit? Most likely if I'm going with our child, I will get wet. But I don't want to be all prancing around out there. Maybe a suit and coverup? And I don't prance by the way. At least not in public. 

I appreciate.. that moment when a good idea pops into your head and you are actually in a position to write it down. I get some of my best ideas driving or before I fall asleep, but they often don't come to fruition because I don't get them on paper. 

From the kitchen... I've been going through my Pinterest boards hoping to make them more user-friendly, user being me of course. I am deleting items (especially from the FOODie board) that I know I won't make any time soon and moving other items to more specific boards. I am hoping this will help in my weekly menu planning 

I am grateful... for answered prayers for friends of mine. God is good, my friends! Between healing and pregnancy and relationships in repair, His blessings are shining down. 

I am praying for... friends in the early stages of pregnancy. May your bellies grow on their own without all of that morning sickness to help it out! May God protect your bodies and bodies of your sweet babies as they grow. 

Books, books, and more books... I just finished Untold Story by Monica Ali. It was interesting and not what I expected. You've got a fictional Princess Diana whose "death" leaves her searching for the possibility of reinventing oneself. If you want to borrow for the Kindle, let me know. I've got several samples on my Kindle right now but haven't jumped at purchasing any. I did purchase Praying the Scriptures for Your Children courtesy of Ashley's recommendation and am excited to start reading it during my morning quiet time. 

Sheriff... is a sponge...a legitimate human sponge.

Case in point:
(Scene: Master bathroom 6:45 pm)
Husband: What do we have here? (Referencing the free razor that arrived in the mail earlier this week courtesy of Gillette)
Me: A free razor.
Husband: something about the number of blades and seemingly chrome covered appearance. Those aren't his exact word, people, but I'm close.
Me: Yea, my razor has 5 blades too. I got it for free as well and I think it's a man's razor.

W: Man's razor.

This kid is too funny. Now if you guys can give me something besides "shit" to say when I drop something! 

I am attempting to live the Gospel by... being grateful for opportunity, for growth, for being loved the way God loves us. 

A picture thought I am sharing...

We take our beam walking seriously.

But not our dancing. Moves like Jagger? Nope.
He stole these from
his friend Grace. 
Happy Wednesday y'all! 


Natalie said...

These kids are sponges...it is amazing! I can't believe you have to sign up for a whole year! I was glad I only had 4 swim classes for Nolan b/c he just wasn't feeling it...and I wasn't going to torture him...I knew he would love water later on no biggie!

kc said...

He's so beautiful! You sure make pretty bebes!!

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

Babes dancing is one of the cutest things ever!!!

Anonymous said...

We looked into LG and they are ridiculous with membership. Knowing we don't always make it on some days we opted for Gymboree music and play instead and it was a great mix for us and Aiden loved it! LOL about the mosquito and fly commentary! I so relate.