Tuesday, June 12, 2012

By The Numbers

I've seen this idea floating around here and there, and the only place I can pinpoint my inspiration is to Danielle. Summer is hitting in full force around here as are the last of two-year molars. We are hot; we are uncomfortable. Yet we are not broken. (That sounds a bit dramatic, now doesn't it?)

But let's recap last week by the numbers, shall we:

32 -- The number of times (in a row, as in nonstop) a certain Sheriff requested that we "watch I Keen" (also known as Lightning McQueen) on the car ride home from the Baptism we attended Sunday.

4 -- The number of times we "made it rain" on the water table. I'd say my $35 was worth it.

23 -- The number of kiwis fop which HEB charged me. I bought 3.

2 -- The number of people crying on the way home from a birthday play date. One of them was behind sunglasses in the front seat. Oh these toddler tantrums hurt my heart.

0 -- The number of bottles of wine purchased. We've got to make a baby, people!

10 -- The number of minutes spent "cleaning" at the park, and by cleaning I mean throwing stray wood chips off the stairs/slide to the ground where they belong.

6 -- The number of times a certain toddler sat on the potty in a 3 day span.

1 -- The number of times said toddler actually peed.

2 -- The number of vacuums we own and that were used simultaneously. I am so thankful we kept that tiny one from J's first apartment. It's perfectly toddler sized and entertained for 30 minutes. Win.

3 -- The perfect number of sidewalk sprinklers for a post park trip cool down.

Have a great day y'all!


Tiffany said...

- I hear "my keen! mater?" no less than 897,632,097 times a day!
- boo! to no wine...but, YAY! to making a baby!

Nicole said...

Do you like the sitting on the potty moments? I always had to force myself to remember not to rush and let them just sit b/c they wanted to do that. (At W's age.)

Like the idea! At Jessica's grad, one of the valedictorian's gave a speech and her numbers added up to 2012.

Faith said...

It's sweet to know how many hearts McQueen has captured. I remember when Kameron was 3 and the first one came out and that. is. all he ever wanted to watch. All. The. Time. We stopped counting at a million. That was just kameron. I haven't mentioned aiden yet. Haha. Boys are great!