Monday, June 18, 2012

Is it Normal For My Toddler

Baby Center recently sent an email with an "is it normal for my toddler" article which given that I have one of those mentioned toddlers, I glanced at.

Unfortunately it did not cover the following:

--It is normal for my toddler to want to read the same book every night, but it must be mentioned that said "book" is a party supply catalog that includes several recoqnizable characters? Kiddo calls it "read Chuggington."

--Is it normal for my toddler to bump into walls all of the time because he's running so fast and has yet to learn to watch where he's going?

--Is it normal for my toddler to think every piece of dirt is a "yuck bug?"

--Is it normal for my toddler to stare at me like I am certifiably insane and should live in a padded room while I sing hokey-pokey with Elmo on Pandora while he shows no intention of standing from his lying down position in the ball pit and joining me?

--Is it normal for my toddler to repeat his thought over and over until you not only acknowledge that he's speaking but say the exact same thing?

I'd have to pull out my own "expert" knowledge and say that yes, our Sheriff is completely normal in the sense that these little people we call toddlers are utterly abnormal in ways that can only make us sit back, smile, and thank God that they are a part of our lives.

Wait, you don't look like this after
you eat birthday cake? 
Have a great week, y'all!


Sugar Mommy said...

So, my girls totally do the same things ... and they're 3!
*Livvy goes to sleep with her catalog of character stickers Sidney got in the mail for his office.
*Mia still runs into walls/corners when she runs around excited
*Every insect (just about) is a ladybug and every bite is a ladybug bite
*the repeating doesn't go away, it gets really fun when they are in a tizzy and repeat your questions instead of answering them

It is so nice to know that I am not alone. :)

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

Annabelle stills does some of those things and she's 6!

Erin said...

Haha love that you ad a party supply magazine! Jackson has gotten to the point he doesn't even care if we read our book Goodnight Moon do long as we look at the page with the house and the mouse. That's it, that's all that matters. Silly kids.

Great photo of W!

Happiness Is... said...

This cracks me up!! They sure do have their own little personalities, don't they?!?

Faith said...

you are so stinkin' cute!
repeating themselves never goes away for sure! and they are still as clumsy as ever at 4 and even 9 sometimes lol

but that is one adorable pic of your little man! have a great week! :)

Tiffany said...

pretty sure my "abnormal" toddler does ALL of those things in some make form or fashion. and, i'm pretty sure i got that same email from baby center & stopped reading after the first paragraph :)

did the sheriff get a haircut?!?! he's just as handsome as ever!

Jamie said...

He's so sweet!

Kat said...

Totally normal. on all accounts ;) (although I am cracking up laughing at the fact that your little one likes to read a catalog, LOL!)

mom said...

Another cute pic Mr W !

Jess @ Wrangling Chaos said...

My son once slept with a Target catalog for a month. Held it cradled to his chest like it was a lovey. Cause he liked the pictures in it.

Kids are weirdos. Toddlers? Small aliens with big eyes who are cutest when sound asleep.