Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Morning Fit For a Queen

Toddlers never fail to surprise us, right? For example, one day they are loving all things strawberry and the next won't touch them. Perhaps they slept until a certain time their entire lives, but then something in their little bodies decides than an hour earlier would be a fitting time to wake.

I, for one, was surely not expected a grinning "yea" and a run towards the television when I asked The Sheriff if he wanted to watch "The Queen." I'm a fan of this whole royalty business. It fascinates me (perhaps enough to do some leisurely reading up on it, besides wondering if Kate really does have a baby bump on the cover of a checkout counter magazine. I should look into something more substantial.) 

So when I happened to turn on the Today Show last Tuesday morning (I think) and catch Queen Elizabeth's balcony appearance as part of the last day's celebration in London, I kept my fingers crossed that someone wanted to sit long enough to check it out.

Maybe he sensed that Queen Elizabeth was a toddler herself one day:


Maybe he just heard the word "fly" as the announcers mentioned the upcoming Flypast. With an attentive toddler as the planes flew over,  Momma was even grinning ear to ear when the red, white, and blue smoke trailed out from behind. 

Isn't she lovely!

We even gave Her Majesty a few "hip, hip, hoorays" before her departure back inside, and it must be said that he has requested to watch "The Queen" a few times since that morning. This child will do anything to view a couple of flying machines, and I hope he will always find such passion in life.


Kat said...

There really is no "norm" with toddlers, is there?

Happiness Is... said...

Anything is cooler if it involves flying in things - ha! My in laws were actually in London during some of this which I am pretty jealous of!

Natalie said...

Ha ha that is too funny! Maybe he was fascinated with all the hats? :)

Lindsay said...

So cute and funny! He just knows what good TV is lol .

Andie said...

that is just too cute!

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

Love it! I am a little royal obsessed too!

KERRY said...

I love the Royal family too, and being that we are a Commonwealth ruled by Her Majesty, I guess that is a good thing I am a Royalist :)
Do you see the striking similarity between Charles and his Grandfather in that pic?