Thursday, July 5, 2012

Potty Training -- I've Got Questions

And you've got answers right?

Yes, I realize that I haven't blogged in almost a week and now that I'm back, I'm seeking your advice and making you work. We'll be back to regularly scheduled programming soon. With family in town, a toddler birthday, and our country's birthday celebration, things have been a bit hectic. You should see the pile of clothes on my bed that need folding. Dreading.

Back to the post. If you are not interested in reading about a toddler's bathroom habits, feel free to wait until tomorrow when perhaps I'll post something cute that he's done or his half-decorated birthday party, but for now, it's bathroom business! I had no intention of beginning potty training any time soon, but today's events make me think maybe he's ready???

The Background:
W's eczema (which I misspell every time) has flared on his hip right where the two parts of the diaper meets which is irritating it further and not really allowing it to dry out. It's not gross, but like a heat rash and surely uncomfortable. We are doing our best to air it out and go diaper free (we don't have big boy undies yet around here just yet).

He played Nudie Rudy for a while this morning and I told him to let me know when he needed to pee pee because we'd go on the Thomas Potty. I got a seat that fits on top of the toilet which is another question I'll pose at the end.

He let me know once and tinkled a tiny bit in the potty, and I of course made a huge deal. What a big boy! and all that jazz. Then he resumed playing and soon enough told me that he "pee pee on helicopter  and Thomas potty." So indeed he had gone a little bit on his toy but we went over to the potty and he tinkled plenty there too.

This happened one more time with "pee pee Daddy copter" (Yep, they have names and sorry J!) but he wanted to finish on his Thomas potty. And finish he did. Kid was a peeing champ!

It was soon time to eat and after that last round which was a bit of a mess, I diapered him up and moved on with the day.

The Questions:
Here's where I need your help. I'm just going to throw these questions out there by number and maybe those of you with experience can help me.

1. What are the best potty training resources to read?

2. He seems to be able to control it once he starts, but the initial pee pee sensation hits after he's already gone some. Does this mean he's ready for training?

3. When potty training, is it best to go straight undies or do the whole pull-up thing?

4. And those damn toilet seats. I bought one to fit on top of the toilet, but I'll bea  son-of-a-gun, he's a boy and somehow aiming totally down into the toilet while sitting there isn't always what happens. He hasn't hit me, but hits the little Thomas toilet which requires washing anyway. Are those mini potties better for boys instead of a seat on the big toilet? We have one that my mom brought over, so I'm just wondering if we should give it a shot.

5. Those of you who have been through the trenches, what are the best cleaning products to keep on hand for accidents?

Geez, I didn't think this milestone would come so soon, and maybe it's not here just yet, but I want to be prepared. Thanks for the help! Any advice or tips would be fantastic!


Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

I wish I had tips!!! But as it is I will be sending up big potty training prayers for y'all!

Lindsey said...

Lots of great questions! And the answers vary from parent to parent and child to child, so some of it will inevitably end up being trial and error to see what works for you and the Sheriff. Next time I see you remind me to give you my two cents and what has worked/not worked for us regarding your questions! A lot of it has to do with going with the flow, so to speak, just like you're already doing.

As far as cleaning, I found that an absorbent towel (terry or cotton) works well: press it on the spot and the towel soaks the pee right out of the carpet till it's dry. I kept some stationed around the house for quick reach.

Lindsay said...

I wish I had a magical answer here to help you out but I don't. Boys and girls can be quite different and I have 2 girls. We started with the little plastic stand alone potty. O&G were very different in potty training. O started right at 2 and had accidents all the way through age 4 and slept with a pull up at night time until age 6. G on the other hand we held off and started at 3. She only had one poop accident and never had to use night time pull ups. She was essentially fully potty trained before O was.

Every kid is different and if I have learned anything it is to really wait until they are ready.

Yes people judged us with G being 3, but it was what was best for her {and us}. He will get it one day mama. Don't stress or pressure. I promise he won't go to kindergarten with a diaper on.

It sounds like your making progress so keep doing what your doing and maybe it will come. As for pull ups? I personally only think at nighttime. It seems too easy for them to use them during the day.

Nikki W said...

We didn't read any potty training books but followed the advice of a friend: strip them naked for 3 days and start a sticker chart. Anneliese was potty trained in 2 days and LOVED her sparkly princess stickers! Once the chart was filled her reward was to feed the ducks at our local park. It was great motivation for her and potty training was really easy.
As far as cleaners, we use half vinegar/half water with a few drops of essential oil, worked great and did not leave a chemical smell. We used a princess potty for a couple of weeks and then she decided she wanted to try the regular toilet.
Good luck to you and the Sheriff!!

Christina krueckl said...

I LOVED the book "potty boot camp" and we were done in a couple of days. As for seats, the only one I liked was the bjorn one because i found the rest rocked when Bella got on and off. I love the little seat because it could go anywhere with us, including outside. Of course, this was for a girl and she was a few months older. I have also seen little urinals that attach to the side of the toilet. That might work if he has any desire to stand. As for cleaning, I read somewhere when I was doing this that a spray bottle with dish soap and water works best and it really did work great! Good luck! I love reading about how things are going.

Tiffany said...

We are still going through potty training, but it has been pretty successfull. In my opinion if he is letting you know, then he is ready. I would buy the big undies and show them to him and tell him that he can wear them when he goes a whole day of going potty in the big boy potty. I would also introduce the little seat. Sydney went back and forth on preferring the big seat to the little seat and now settled on the big one. But giving him the option may help. I hope it goes pretty smoothly for you!!! I have also heard that putty Cheerios in the toilet and telling him to his then with his pee pee is a fun way to help with aiming. Good luck!!!

Tiffany said...

girl, I'm right there with you! Maddox is showing interest, but I have no idea where to begin! hoping more experienced potty training mommas continue to give advice :)

Erin said...

Clearly, we aren't here yet. BUT to me, it sounds like W is definitely showing signs of being ready. I've heard amazing things about the 3 day potty training fiasco, especially for boys. I'm not going to list details because they'll be wrong but I'm sure Google has the details of the 3 day potty-training weekend. Good luck mama!

Kimberly M said...

1. I never read any books. Every kid is different. You know W best, so go with what your instinct tells you.

2. That's totally normal, I think. At least in my experience with William. He probably is ready to start, but if it doesn't happen don't get frustrated. Stop for a while, give it a break, and resume "training" again a few weeks later. When he's totally ready, it'll click fast!

3. I say NO pull-ups. They're just diapers. And they're a total pain to "pull up". He won't feel that he's wet in them because they wick away moisture. I put William straight in underwear. At the time he was obsessed with the Wonder Pets and didn't "want to get Ming-Ming wet", so that worked for him. Maybe try Thomas underwear?

4. We used a mini-potty with a "pee-pee guard", if you will. Like this little thing that stood up off the seat to protect innocent bystanders.

5. I kept a big container of Clorox wipes for post-potty clean ups. And every few days, I'd disassemble the potty, put it in the tub, and coat it with foamy antibacterial bathroom cleaner. I'd rinse it all off, then spray down the tub and rince it out.

And a few other tidbits:
- Every kid is different. We attempted potty training three different times before it finally "clicked" for William. YOU know Wyatt best; stick to your instincts. And try not to get frustrated when it doesn't work.
- Small rewards (we used a few mini M&M's) are great for successful potty trips, along with a great song and dance from mom and dad.
- Try taking him to the potty every 30 minutes for so, make him sit for 3-5 minutes (bring books, small toys, etc) to help him start to know what that "I need to pee" feeling is.

Good luck! If he's ready, it's going to work! If not, give yourselves a break and try again later. Madeline is showing signs of wanting to go, but doesn't have the control yet to know when. She can sometimes tell us, but not always. And they're close in age. I'm not forcing it yet. :)

Meagan said...

Have you read the baby whisperer solves all your problems? Crazy woman says if you follow her potty training advice you can have your kid potty trained by 1. I was seriously considering it since it does make sense that before age 2 they are more about pleasing their parents but Chase has been pooping like 3 times a day and she says to put them on the potty 20 mins after they drink and he drinks all day so I'm just not ready to spend all fing day in the bathroom with a kid on the potty. She doesn't like those pee pee guards because it doesn't teach them to point their man parts down. I think she says to point it down and hold their thighs together? Check the book out and have you seen the potty train in a day stuff on pinterest?

Amber said...

We are also going through all of the potty training issues. I know I have a girl but its definitely a little frustrating. Hope both of our children get potty trained soon :)