Thursday, August 2, 2012


 Yesterday, nope, didn't blog yesterday, well a few days ago I posted about what I thought life would be like at 24.

And you, dear readers, left so many great comments about how very young I am, but today I'm here to tell you that this face:

is the face of 3-1. Yes, I'm 31. I had the holy crap in 9 years I'll be 40 conversation with the hubs the other night.  My point was that 24 was the age I thought I'd be ready to start having babies. Little did I know that that day would come years later.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives instead of going to bed thinking, man that girl is only 24? How does she manage to have it all together? ;)


Faith said...

ha! you had all of us fooled missy! ;) 24 or 31... you look fab!

Tiffany said...

ha! I was thinking you were one of the most mature 24 year olds I know :) I'm with you on the whole "holy crap I'm almost 40" thing...I'll be 35 in January!! 40 is the new black though, right?!?! look fabulous at 31!!!

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

You look much younger than 31. I could see people believing that you were only 24:)

I have no problems telling people my age. I'm 34 and I love to have fun with my family or go out and dance with my friends. It's all how you feel on the inside!

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

I was thinking you were so competent for a 24 year old! That I didn't have my you-know-what together as much as you at 24!

Happiness Is... said...

Oh man - I hadn't thought about being 31 meaning that I was 9 years from 40. Crap! Did y'all ever make it to town by the way?!?

KERRY said...

I'm 35 so shut.up. !! ;)