Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Unbalanced: A Stage

Just like the rest of America, I'm ready for Fall. Yes, it's time for the weather to change. If I hear the words "cool front" on the news, I might just grab the pumpkins to start decorating.

I'm also done with summer clothes, and I'm not a fashionista by any means, but can't a girl just wear some jeans already?!

Mostly, I'm just not a person that likes the in-between, and that's where I am. As a teacher, Fall always means starting fresh: new students, new routines, new lessons to try, and yes, new worries, new guidelines and "stuff" to do too. Teachers went back this week in TX, and students return this coming Monday.

As summer closes I'm finding myself feeling unbalanced a bit. There are so many things I want to do, and in the true "dog days of summer" I'm not wanting to do any of it. I'm partaking in afternoon naps while W sleeps. I'm wanting to veg out in front of the television at night instead of reading/writing blog posts. I keep closing my browser with ump-teen tabs open at the top of ideas to look through.

On the other hand, I want to be a great blogger, photographer, cook, crafter, movie-goer, "sort of" homeschooler, volunteer, play group attendee, reader, and the list goes on. Each day just doesn't hold enough hours, and my energy is lacking as we wait for a change of seasons (at least two months away!).

I know this won't last. I'll find my mojo again. It's why I'm ready for a change, ready for Fall. I'm hoping that I can get my act together a bit more and do even more learning and play with The Sheriff. I'm hoping to try some great Fall recipes. As it's going, we might be enjoying less heavy, hot Crock Pot meals and more:
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

And I'm ok with that.

 I'm ready to take down our Summer Bucket List off the fridge, make a photo book with the picture memories of our summer journey, and make a list of fun Fall activities to do with my family.

I'm ready for a change of pace, ready to get back into routine.  In the meantime, we'll soak up summer, sometimes literally, on rainy, steamy, long afternoons.


Lindsey said...

Ah yes, I was thinking this morning about how I'm ready to break out the jeans again - then remembered that I only have one pair that will currently fit me! As you close your browser with many tabs (I've seen your Pinning lately) remember that there is a season for everything, and for a few more weeks in the hot sun, this season might just need to be reserved for extra napping. ;) Looking forward to seeing you soon, my friend.

Sara said...

I am ready for fall too! Bring it!

Happiness Is... said...

Oh man I feel the same way - tired of the heat, just ready to get some of this house stuff done, etc!

Natalie said...

Girl I am right there with ready for favorite time of year!

Anonymous said...

i'm totally with you, not just in change of season, but in change altogether! i go thru "seasons" too, with everything. right now is my season to totally feel dettached from "doing things". i haven't read much and i've quit blogging lol...vegging out is totally in my vocab these days too.

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

I am so right there with you! Fall come on already!

the workaholic momma said...

I totally go through these phases too!!! I am SO ready for fall to start...there is just nothing like the excitement i feel about the start of fall...every year...pretty sure its my fave season:)

KERRY said...

I totally get you with this post, at the end of a season you really do need that change, I am so over winter, you are very welcome to it lol
That salad looks delicious btw!! Yummo :)
You will get back to feeling normal again once the routines kick in, I am sure of it. Break out those pumpkins and start thinking of your Fall activities!!

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

I am with you 100%!

Jennifer said...

I am SO ready for fall too!!!
And now I'm craving chicken salad :)

Lindsay said...

That chicken salad looks AMAZING! I have been obsessed with chicken salad this summer, but sadly have never made my own {I need to}. That pic of your little man is soooo damn cute!

Andie said...

that little tease of lower humidity was enough to want me to start pulling out the fall stuff as well!

and is that cranberry pecan salad the pampered chef recipe?