Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Friday Night Cooking Fun

I don't mind the whole cooking gig, but we typically enjoy a kitchen break on the weekends and get food to go or play the game of chance taking W to a family friendly restaurant here and there. I did not mind cooking a bit this past Friday when I attended a class at Houston's own Well Done Cooking Classes, and it wasn't just any class but a chance to get together with the girls to celebrate our sweet friend's upcoming nuptials. (Now doesn't that just sound fancy--nuptials.)

There were matching aprons; 4, yes FOUR, new 30 minute recipes introduced; lots of laughter, adult humor, and wine, lots of wine. I, of course, treated myself to a bottle of water or two. Living it up.

 And yes, there were blow-torches!

One of our partners in crime helped to crystallize the skin of the salmon. Did you know you can eat that? And you should! 

I only had my (old) iPhone with me, so my food porn pics aren't quite so much, but the dishes were pretty amazing. 

I'll be trying them at home soon and sharing the recipes, all with proper credit to Well Done of course. I almost busted out my dork card when our chef was telling us about salting food and mentioned that if you are in doubt at all, add more. I so badly wanted to mention the name of this blog, and decided in my sobriety that no one was probably interested.

All cell phones came out though for our bride-to-be's intensity with the flame. Whether she adds it to her registry or not, she might just be receiving 10 of these from some of her favorite cooking girlfriends.


Meg O. said...

How fun!! I want to go to a party like that!

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

What a great idea for a bachelorette!

Erin said...

Fun! This is a great idea for a girls night!

Happiness Is... said...

That looks really fun!