Monday, September 24, 2012

Project Pinterest -- Texans Football Mantel

When AP proposed the idea of a Pinterest link-up where you do more than pin (you DO), I found myself ready for the challenge. We are talking knocking out one of those great ideas that somehow ended up on a craft, foodie, or "for the home" board somehow. Gentle link-up blog pressure + a metric crap-ton of pins that need to be addressed = win!

And then there's the excitement of seeing what everyone else's projects/dishes. What, you don't want more pins?

This week I decided to share my version of a Houston Texans football wreath I'd had pinned since at least early summer and finally crafted the past three weeks. Yes, it's taken me three weeks for this one. I bought the wrong wreath, didn't have enough fabric, and have a toddler that isn't so fond of Momma's CWA (Crafting While Awake --toddler awake I mean).  I suppose I can't fulfill my "driving trains" role as well while wielding a hot glue gun.

Like I said, this was meant to happen three weeks ago. In my head my September mantel was to look like football season threw up all over it. That project took a back seat to life, and it's almost October, where pumpkins will soon make their debut. We'll have our football mantel if just for a week! It'll be a work in progress for sure with much to add through the years.

I used this tutorial (go there! You'll want to pin her adorable Halloween wreath!), but also ran across this burlap rag wreath tutorial, and I know how some of y'all love you some burlap!

I will leave you to journey on the tutorial on the link I shared as I don't need to recreate the wheel here. I will note that I only wrapped the 2 inner rings along the 4 ring wreath and used about a yard of each fabric. I think it's plenty "full" but can only imagine it would get cuter and cuter. I just have only so many trips to the fabric store in me.

I made my wreath more "rag" than the original pin, and I need to work on some added embellishments, but I love having something fun for football season. I didn't take pictures as I went along (come on, it was hard enough getting the damn thing done!), I've got the (mostly) finished product; it needs a bow or Texans cutout or something.

I added these other mantel details with craft supplies and whatnots around the house.

My football field banner didn't come out as awful as I thought it would. I don't think this will last very long, and I hope to make something more permanent...maybe once hubs hooks me up with some fancy cutting machine for Christmas. 

Happy Fall! Happy Football! And Happy Crafting! Thanks AP again for hosting such a fun link-up!


Yvette Dunn Perry said...

I am not such a depressed Saints fan that I do not have joy in my heart for the Texans fans! Cute!

Lindsey said...

As usual, your Pinterest posts inspire/remind me to get Pin-completing! Yippee!

Natalie said...

Awww you did a wonderful job! Happy football season!

Ashley Paige said...

Ahh, I LOVE IT!! This makes me want to make another rag ribbon wreath immediately! Thanks so much for linking up!

Anonymous said...

Love your rag wreath!!! And what a great idea for the banner :)

kc said...

So cute!! Good job!