Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Shopping NOW and then AGAIN this weekend!

I spent this past weekend in North LA with these two handsome fellas.

Upon our return Sunday my mind (and my planner) were racing with to-do's between now and Christmas, gift shopping being one of them. Another item to check off the list? Visit New Orleans Moms Blog bright and early Monday morning to start shopping and enter great giveaways, and here I am Monday evening still checking it out. I can't believe how many great offerings are featured. Even if you don't have shopping, be sure to enter the giveaways. From adorable personalized elf shirts to gifts for expecting moms, to pet gifts, they've got you covered!

And the shopping doesn't stop there! This Friday through Sunday, one of my favorite blogging duos The Chirping Moms are presenting the first (hopefully annual!) Yellow Friday! You can take a sneak peak of the shops included here. In a few words from Courtney and Julie:

Starting Friday morning, there will be a post, per category, sharing a little bit about each company & how to redeem the deal they are offering. We'll have awesome places to shop for toys, kid's clothes, stocking stuffers, holiday decor & more! Then, we will be adding additional info on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram all weekend. 

Here are just a few of the items I've got my eyes on:

How adorable is this chair from Sweet Seat

Love this pattern from Lil' Loops Belts

This toddler shirt from Messy Kids Designs perfectly captures the season for me

And finally, I've been eyeing these Scripture cards from lil light o'mine for a while. Adorable!

Happy shopping! Don't forget--NOLA Moms NOW and Chirping Moms later!


Happiness Is... said...

Thanks for linking to us! And I love seeing Lil Loops featured too :)

Meg O. said...

Forget those Christmas present ideas... you look GORGEOUS!! Okay, I really like those Lil Loops belts....

Natalie said...

Oh my I need to stay away from the computer so that I don't go buy crazy!

Lindsay said...

That is a fantastic photo of the 3 of you. Looking great mama!

faith yates said...

those are all such cool stuff! but seriously im stuck on the first photo- great looking family, and omg you are adorbs!!!