Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just Another Face

I'm blogging tonight for a late post with Andie's Celebrity Doppelganger link-up. I've seen several of these floating around the blogosphere before and many revealing a doppelganger given by a website after plugging in a picture of yourself.

What I like about Andie's link-up is the idea that other people have told you that you look like this person, and mine, like Andie's is a celebrity that's been mentioned more than once in reference to my own looks.  The whole thing makes me feel a bit uncomfortable and rather vain. I mean, these are celebrities and most of the time absolutely stunning. And I look like this person?

J has always told me he thinks I look like this person. Years ago my dad as well as the librarian at the high school where I was teaching (Hi Krystal!) told me I looked like this actress, they didn't know the name, in the movie Lost in Translation.

So with nothing further

This is the best I could find, and sometimes I see a resemblance, but mostly I feel ridiculously flattered that a few people have mentioned a connection. I should have grabbed a picture from the movie! 

Thanks for a fun link-up Andie! 


Natalie said...

Wow you really do look like her! Hot momma :)

Andie said...

Wow! you do look a lot like her!

Thanks for participating! I hope more people join in!

Michelle said...

Except you're far more beautiful! ;)

faith yates said...

omg you do look like her! you so purr-ty! ;)

Happiness Is... said...

Um I have no idea who that is but she's gorgeous and y'all look alike!

Jess @ Wrangling Chaos said...

Um, yeah...I can totally see it!