Friday, January 4, 2013

Elf Chronicles 2012 -- The Last Weeks

Before he headed back to the North Pole (an event without any hype), Texan had a few more stunts up his sleeve to bring some Christmas joy our way. I'm not entirely certain which day is which, but I know for sure that his miniature donuts also appeared a time or two.

Texan must know his online searching and found one of W's favorite trains in puzzle form.

He needed some toddler help to put it back together.

I was hesitant to try the-elf-is-in-my-toys again, but thought this one would be safe, and as it turns out, W loved pulling him around the house for a bit.

Nine days before Christmas, Texan helped to kick off a tradition I hope to continue by bringing The Donkey in the Living Room. Somehow the pieces of W's Fisher Price Nativity disappeared and came by one by one on the days leading up to Christmas. This was cut short by our trip to Louisiana, but I was surprised that W was looking for each piece even when we were gone. It was also a nice countdown to Christmas as nine days is a bit more manageable for a toddler than 25. 

At some point Texan manned the controls to this chinook and brought in bag #7. 

Texan is one smart cookie and when an activity is a hit, he takes note. Hence, Dash puzzle... 

And finally, with a bit of Daddy assistance, Elf made the trip to Louisiana. We didn't get too creative here. Have you tried packing one vehicle for three people and three Christmases?

We missed one picture where he snuck onto the porch at Grandpa's house. Texan's last memory of 2012 will have to be riding this tiger and spelling W's name with Chex Mix. You'll have to hop on over to my husband's twitter account to ask him about this piece of random!

See you next year, Texan!

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Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

You make it look so fun and easy. I'm totally intimidated by all the awesome elf on the shelf stuff I've seen!