Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2012 -- Santa Claus

We aren't letting go of Christmas any time soon, and instead of one giant post with way too many pictures, I'm splitting our holiday recap into a few different entries. Santa (and friends and family of course) were so good to W this year. He was a bit hesitant about the present opening process and even not so sure what do make of Christmas morning, but soon found his groove after realizing what those wrapped boxes had inside.

Aunt Nikki, Uncle Cory, and family scored again this year with a mobilized Gordon. They are the family to credit after all with W's whirlybird obsession after gifting The Sheriff, well J, with a remote control helicopter last Christmas.

Grandpa surprised W with batteries first thing the next morning, and Gordon never left his side for the remainder of the trip.

We tried everything to draw his attention to that tree in the background under which were wrapped Santa's gifts.

At last he picked his first box, one about which I was excited as I knew it contained a specifically requested gift, not Bash, Dash, or Ferdinand, but...

(Excuse us while we make time for bubble wrap popping.)

It's a Blue Dinoco! Of course our child would watch the movie Cars and look forward to every scene with something that doesn't race around a track but flies.

For this smile all of Mrs. Claus's searching (and paying too much) on ebay was completely worth it.

I'm not quite sure who was more proud to own this. Come on, have you ever won an ebay item?

Mr. Clause was quite proud of himself for this arrangement. In one of our favorite Thomas videos, Hiro, Master of the Railway, is found hiding in the bushes. We couldn't resist. 

The excitement over Hiro was only surpassed by the individual openings of Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand, those beloved Logging Locos. After a few more surprise gifts, we wrapped up Christmas morning with breakfast and lots of playing. For his first "real" year, Santa won the day! 


Momma StJ said...

This makes me SO excited for a Boy Christmas!!! And i totally would not have known you were preggo if it weren't for instagram! Congrats!! how far along are you???

D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

Oh, so fun! Noah was still in the "huh" stage about most gifts (except for a cheapo box of Fireman Sam board books). I'm looking forward to him really getting it over the next few years!

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

Looks like he loved Santa with that big W smile!

hi. Im Faith. said...

the possibilities are so endless with thomas and friends! love the dinoco helicopter! what a sweet smile from you both actually :) i'd be excited to win anything too! im just an excited person all of the time lol and y'all are so creative with the presents, hiding in the bushes and all ;)