Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Extreme Nesting

This past Saturday morning I announced to J that I was planning to clean the refrigerator, and not in the I'm-going-to-tackle-this-during-naptime sort of way. It was in major need, so much so that I don't think it was really a "nesting" thing, but just a chore that had to be done.

While J and The Sheriff shared some quality MMC and Doc. McStuffins time, I turned on the radio for some inspiration and soon found myself in tears over this one.

Ok perhaps I was nesting after all. I've posted about this song before, but it's message goes right to my heart every time and reminds me both how far I've been carried and how safe I always am.

All was right in the world until I needed help pulling out the bottom drawers which are a bit tricky. I called in J for backup, but nonetheless, a piece of glass found its demise with an accidental meeting with the tile floor. 

Glass everywhere.

So a simple refrigerator cleaning turned into a kitchen floor cleaning extravaganza. The icebox was moved out from its nook and the tile swept and mopped. Every inch was swept, vacuumed, mopped. I wasn't even out of jammies yet.

And then I ventured out (changed out of those jammies of course) and grabbed a bottle of ammonia with huge plans to tackle the DIY-clean-your-grout movement so prevalent on Pinterest. I didn't manage to get that done before the Texans game, but I'm all over that task this week. So yea, one broken refrigerator glass later, and the nesting bug is in full force. 

In other news, I painted my nails last night, and of course today would be the day that my hands would spend most of the morning in hot, soapy water. As it turns out, not too shabby:

Did I mention that all of this went down the morning we decided W would wear big boy undies all day long? He rocked it. I don't want to jinx us, but with the help of a timer and an awesomely supportive husband, the kid nailed it! Fingers crossed that his success continues. 


Elizabeth said...

Good for you! My fridge needs some major cleaning - maybe I will tackle that this week too!

hi. Im Faith. said...

Oh, yay W! So proud of him! Hope he continues to progress but don't fret. He'll get there! good job on cleaning out the fridge- i dread doing that! your nails look so good. i have been looking for a color like that!

Lindsay said...

LOVE that color! Nesting is good. Anytime you want to come to my house and nest I am good with that.

Sara said...

Oh, good luck with potty training! I am totally clueless about that, but can't wait until I don't have to change diapers anymore. Love the nail color!

Natalie said...

Nesting has gotten to you for sure...you can clean my house too! Great job W!

Grace martin said...

I used to hate cleaning the fridge out because my husband always picks at food in the fridge so there's little spills everywhere BUT I saw a pin on pinterest to use Saran Wrap's press and seal so you could just peel it off when it gets dirty! Life made simple through pinterest lol

Jennifer said...

Love that color on your nails!!

Anonymous said...

love your nails!

I moved the stove out, scrubbed it, the floor underneath and the walls around it. That was my major cleaning project before baby.

fingers crossed those big boy undies stay dry!