Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Proud To Be A Part

Our toddlers are too young to understand evil, and by evil I mean true evil. Turning off the television after a daily allowance of Thomas the Train seems like the worst the world currently has to offer. 

As adults, we get it. I take that back; we don't understand it, and we can't settle the "why" question in our own hearts. However, we know there are people hurting, and I'm grateful to have met a group of people who see the value in reaching out to those with grieving hearts. 

I can't remember exactly when but when The Sheriff was younger I joined a moms' group in our area. It was a little intimidating (and honestly sometimes still is) as W was at the time significantly younger than the other kiddos. The other moms seem to all "know" each other already. How was I ever going to jump right in? 

But this group of ladies welcomed with open arms, and although it took us a while to get involved, we now try to do whatever we can fit into our schedule to keep building relationships as moms and buddies. 

Last week we met at our local library to make hearts for Sandy Hook. One of our "Mamas" found a great place to send our crafty support and they'll be on display in the public libraries in Newtown I believe. 

We are so blessed to be around others who want to reach out!

That craft time above lasted about 4 minutes before the kiddos were up and running around instead, but  check out the picture below. They might not all be looking, but 12 toddler/preschoolers all in the same place? This group of women is magic I tell ya! 

Sandy Hook, you are still in our prayers.


Our Little Fam said...

That is so awesome! I love the pictures and what you guys did! I should join a moms' group!

hi. Im Faith. said...

awww that is so great jenn! such a sweet touch. and tho the kiddos may not understand they will soon enough!