Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Pregnant

I just had to laugh when one of my favorite bloggers responded to a comment and asked, "Aren't you getting super pregnant?"

Why yes, yes I am. We have approximately 3 weeks until delivery day. Somehow having a month left didn't feel as super pregnant, but upon entering that less-than-a-month zone, I am noticing that super pregnant means:

*Feeling impatient
Call it nesting; call it whatever. I want all of the newborn clothes washed, never mind that they are not really gender neutral outside of the handful of those teeny, tiny shirts that snap on the side. I think it's a boy anyway. I want the nursery complete, and I spend way too much time traveling from room to room picking up here and there. The kitchen should be clean every single night. You never know who might have to come over right? This could go down at any time!

Mostly I'm just ready to have things complete and sit in the quiet and wait for the arrival of a new gift from God. Wait, there's The Sheriff. So I'm ready to hustle around the house after him, flying airplanes and helicopters and wait for the arrival of this new blessing.

Within this rush to get ready, I made a poor nursery decision. Trying to save some money during a time when it seems to be pouring from our pockets, I purchased a glider from a local facebook resale group. I met a stranger in the Target parking lot in the rain on the way to a play date and paid more than I should have for a glider I didn't really have time to inspect. I should have offered less. Perhaps she was willing to part with it as much as I was going to say yes. I'm horrible at that kind of thing. I felt like I put her out and had to purchase. Silly, I know. So I came home with this glider, fine.

I took the cushions last week to get dry cleaned and with excitement went (for the second time since they weren't ready as they should have been the first day) to pick them up. Towards the end of The Sheriff's nap I grabbed the zippered bag they had stuffed them in and took them out to place on the completely wiped down "new" glider in the baby's room.  Whoa! Story stops here. The foam inside of the cushions is balled up and deformed, and I was livid. I still am. As soon as J arrived home from work I took off for this little confrontation with anger balled up inside like those dang cushions. Of course the manager wasn't around on a Friday afternoon, but I will be visiting again this week. It's unacceptable service. First of all, I feel they charged me more than necessary, but if their work was up to par, fine. Second, they handed these to me as if they did do a quality job. Not cool.

At this point I should have purchased a reasonably priced, brand NEW glider.

*Feeling like time is crawling by
With just a few weeks left, I am wavering between the excitement of meeting our baby and feeling like I did early in the pregnancy that there is still a while to go. I know it's going to fly. I better keep that bag packed!

*Getting crafty in the nursery
Before W was born, I made a rag rug for his nursery. It was quite possibly the longest, most tedious craft I've ever taken on. I love it, but it took forever. This time around it's nursery decor similar to this one:

Source: ohdeedoh.com via Darian on Pinterest

I started this weekend but am waiting to do a few letters to add more feminine touches in case this next little one is a girl. Of course I'll post my version once everything is complete. I know J can't wait to hang these babies up!

* Not thinking things through

We went to a ranch birthday party on Saturday. This ensued:

Of course I let J Instagram it, and looking back realized that this picture will surely end up one day on some site devoted to awkward maternity pictures. Hey, we only live once, right? Why not get up on a metal horse while practically 9 month pregnant?! And then put it on your public blog! 

But I did manage to snag a Super Bowl Sunday ICEE in some sort of commemorative cup. I'm hoping this bad boy can be refilled (all with the purpose of saving the planet of course). 

*Doting on Big Brother

He loves being in the baby's room and playing with the swing, bouncer, and other toys while I clean up and clean out. While I  know that there will be periods of adjustment and his world as an only child with Momma's attention will be rocked, I have high hopes for his feelings for the new little guy or gal on the block.

He is often hoping to feel the baby move in the couple minutes I hold him before he gets in bed, but unfortunately, the little one is pretty still during those moments.  When I tell him at other times that the baby is moving and he can come feel it, he doesn't want to. Typical big brother--he'll give the baby attention on his time!

So yes, super pregnant and super excited to see our two children together. I am careful not to ask what he wants, just in case it turns out the opposite, but he tells people he thinks it's a boy. We'll find out sooner than later!


Meg O. said...

Oh my goodness. You are precious!!! I can't believe you're so close!

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

I am obsessed with those letters! I saw something similar on Land of Nod this past weekend and decided that "if" we have a third, I'm totally getting those. You look adorable btw!

Natalie said...

Won't be much longer...I remember that feeling very well. I have a feeling it's a boy too!

D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

1-I love the letters!

2-you're the cutest pregnant lady!

Julie Rogers said...

YEAH!!!! I can't wait for baby to get here---thanks for the update:):):)


Lindsay said...

yay for baby! You must have some patience waiting to find out. I always thought I would do that as well and then the hubs had different plans. It will be the best surprise ever!!!

Kerry said...

Hey Jenn! I loved this post, it was good to catch up with you and I cannot believe you only have 3 weeks to go!! That is crazy!!!
Sorry to read about your cushions, I hope you get the problem sorted and maybe invest in some new ones :)
You look great, even on top of a metal horse lol and I hope you are feeling great too!
I love the nursery design you are going for and can't wait to hear your happy news!!
Take care...xo

Nicole said...

You look fabulous! Can't wait to see how the room turns out and to meet that baby!

Happiness Is... said...

I am so so so so so excited for y'all! I think boy too :)

And also? You look hot on the horse, preggers and all!

And I also had a strange obsession with cleaning the kitchen EVERY night.

Rehan Ahmed said...

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Jess @ Wrangling Chaos said...


You look too good to be that pregnant, just sayin.