Monday, January 28, 2013

Playing Catch-Up: By The Numbers

3: days of amazing weather perfect for playing outdoors. While I feel a bit cheated out of bitter cold days ending with a fire and bowl of warm, comforting soup, the end of January is treating us just fine. 

32: years blessed!

60: minutes total time waiting at this past week's dr. appt. I'm pretty spoiled as it's usually not nearly as long.

3: members of the most awkward family ever in the waiting room. Well, the poor baby was only 10 months. I'm hoping the apple falls far from the tree!

15: instances of painfully bizarre interactions of said family while in the waiting room that were must-tells to J at dinner.

5: pregnant women waiting while dad of above awkward family shuffled food from a styrofoam container into his mouth making awful eating noises and standing directly in front of and peering into the check-in window.

26: letter sounds learned from Leap Frog Letter Factory approximately 8 months ago while I grabbed extra couch time during first trimester days.

10: stomach-turning minutes of Leap Frog Letter Factory towards the end of our waiting at the doctor.  Apparently I will never view that video the same again as it brings up days of nausea.

30: approximate number of days until a scheduled delivery.

1: offhand comment made by my doctor about the baby coming early.

2: weekend days spent in Project Prepare for Baby. There's still much to be done, but we made significant progress. I'd be lying if I didn't admit to a sense of urgency.

3: hours spent at a Friday birthday party at the park.

50: times I most likely told The Sheriff to take his time or watch where he was going on the playground.

4: minutes sitting still while a stranger painted his face and mom watched in disbelief.

1: smiling tiger, hidden toddler.

6: pages of jellyfish. Someone embraced the letter J with this project.

 25: at least the number of minutes trying to park for the overcrowded zoo visit on Saturday morning. The smiles from these two were worth it. Who cares if the train and carousel trumped seeing the animals, right?

3: projects tackled by J before closing out the weekend with a DIY cardboard aircraft carrier for our favorite pilot.


D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

Love it! W is a lucky little boy to have such creative parents (homemade aircraft carrier?!).

Also, the whole dad eating in front of pregnant not right!

hi. Im Faith. said...

your life is so eventful! ;) and did i miss your birthday?! belated happy birthday! God bless always!

Elizabeth said...

Love this post! Sorry to hear about the long wait & "entertainment" you had to endure while there. Glad you made progress on the nursery! Can't wait to see it. :)

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

I hate long waits at the OBGYN -- but really? With a guy eating too? Im surprised you didn't all organize and tackle him!

Nicole said...

Can we "catch up" in person?!!! Miss you!

Jennifer said...

My attention span can hardly handle a long-wait in the doctors office (or anywhere). I know I should just be an adult about it, but I get so antsy.
Oh, and Happy Birthday!