Monday, April 15, 2013

Big Brother Party

My friends and family surprised us with a book shower to welcome John to our family and W to his role as Big Brother.

One of my best friends, a true kindred spirit, sent us a package full of goodies to host a big brother party for The Sheriff once we'd arrived home with a new bundle of joy. For those expecting another child, this is a great way to include older siblings in the celebration and make them feel special in their own right when so much attention and time seems to be given to the new baby.

Our package included blowers, sunglasses, napkins, plates, party hats, balloons, confetti (sorry Aunt Ali--that did not make an appearance yet), a tablecloth, and each family members favorite treats, including Hot Tamales for me!

As it turns out, W was less interested in a big brother party but somehow clung to and then took off with the idea of hosting a birthday party for none other than Harold the Helicopter. He created the tablescape complete with the guest(s) of honor placed center stage.

He loved sporting the party glasses

and was more than willing to hand out a pair to all party attendees.

And what's a party without silly hats and blowers!

After teaching Pop how to use his blower, we sang Happy Birthday to Harold and then a spontaneous "Happy Big Brother Day to you" to our Sheriff.

What's better than one blower?

Why two of course!

Turns out the same goes for party hats!

Thanks Aunt Ali for helping us make such a great memory!

Hmmmm.... 2013 Christmas card picture?


hi. Im Faith. said...

YES! i see a christmas card appearance for that picture! what a beautiful family! and what a little hamm is W! he's so fun!

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

This is so ridiculously sweet! What a great friend!

PS I am sorry I've not been leaving comments lately. I've been so overwhelmed but I've been reading on my phone and I just love how sweet your little family of four is!

Natalie said...

That is such a sweet and great idea! Yes that should definitely be a Christmas card photo!

Andie said...

too cute!!!!

Nicole said...

Seriously, this is too adorable! I love W's little face. He is such a sweet and fun little boy.