Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bottle It Up

While I can't quite bottle up the sweetness of a 5 month old, I can certainly snap some pictures and save them within the pages of this blog.

When Daddy is on bath duty, hair doesn't always get combed. Combine that with a big brother's afternoon nap and a bright-eyed sweetheart, and I received a few quiet moments for Momma to take in just how perfect this little guy is. 

Two tiny teeth and a mouthful of drool. I'm not quite sure they make up for the grueling teething process, but in hindsight, sure, it was all just fine.

I don't see you staying put long, little man. There is a big brother to chase and helicopters, so many helicopters, to check out.

And there it is, bottled up, for a rainy day when the smiles turn to frowns and those pesky teeth start bothering us again.


Erin said...

Gah, that big ole smile of his just melts my heart!! Hope the next round of teething is kind to you all!

Natalie said...

He is just soooo precious!

Faith Yates said...

i can't believe how quickly your little man is growing! J and W both! they are both so precious!