Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Carseat Carrying and Pool Noodle Wearing -- Getting By With a Little Help

We have had the pleasure of meeting the sweetest family here in TX, and  I can't believe I don't have more pictures of us together. Our kids are months apart in age, and our youngest two even share a Christening date.

We love hanging out with these guys, and we picked up a few tips along the way:

We have the heaviest carseat known to man, and upon complaining about it to our friends at a play date and finding out we also share the same mammoth of a seat, they told us about this carrying trick that will change your lives!

I haven't quite perfected it, but luckily I've got a handsome model.

Slip your arm in and grab the pivot point for the handle and there you have it. It takes serious weight off of your arms.

And on top of that, they showed us this pool noodle "floatie" trick:

Put away the puddle jumpers and arm floaties. Simply tie a noodle tightly under your kiddo's armpits and watch him maneuver through the water much more seamlessly. This frees up their arms and gives them a bit more control in the water.

Thanks Team F for being family here with us in TX and teaching us new tricks along the journey!


Andie said...

that pool noodle trick is GENIUS!!! Tell them thank you!!! :)

faith yates said...

how neat!! i tried something similar with the pool noodle before and made a u-shape and tied the ends but it eventually unraveled. this way is genius. ;)

Natalie said...

Ok seriously I had the heaviest car seat carrier! I wonder if I could have done that trick. And what a great idea with the noodle! ;)

D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

I hear you about the heavy infant seat. We switched Noah to a convertible seat before he was 9 months old, simply because the darn car seat was too heavy for me. I'll have to give this move a try come January when I'm balancing a 2.5 year old and a newborn (in the snow and ice of winter no less).

Sara said...

Your friends are geniuses. :)

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

Evie's swim teacher does that trick with Evie and we use it some when she's in the pool, because it is much more effective when learning how to use their arms, but when she is in the lake, it's a coast guard approved PFD (puddle jumpers for us) all the way!