Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Build 'Em Up -- Telling Yourself To Just Do and Go Ahead and Be You

I'm so excited that I ran across Erin's post today to grab my attention and remind me about the Build 'Em Up series hosted by Kelly, Courtney, Erin, and Jennifer. I wasn't able to participate in the last series as much as I had wanted to, so hopefully this go-round I can get the dates on my calendar and make it happen!

Thanks Ladies for this opportunity to inspire, uplift, and share stories and smiles with one another!


This week is all about moms groups, and for me, follows a weekend where I was lucky to hang out with some of my local mamas for a good portion of the day Saturday.

We don't always pose for group photos with props and color-coordinated outfits but when we do...

It's a baby shower!

These are just a handful of the women in the moms (or Mamas!) group that I found about two years ago when I was looking for an outlet to get out of the house and meet people as a new mom. I found our group on meetup.com, and at a perfect time because not long after the group moved to a private Facebook group where it is much easier to have "conversations" during the day and have a calendar of events.
Without having family nearby and with few friends with children at that time, I knew that our family, and me as a mother, would need to open myself up to a new group of friends.

I was incredibly hesitant to get involved at first.  While I feel that I was fairly outgoing as a high school and college student, I have become more reserved, and I approach groups often feeling like everyone knows each other and has a history of which I will never be a part. I project on groups that they don't need to open their hearts to someone new as they already have each other.

But I was wrong. This group of ladies with different personalities and viewpoints welcomed me, and as I continue to develop relationships, what I find to be true is the more I open myself to them and put my insecurities aside, the more I feel a part. Heck, they now know that I own (and use!) a Snuggie and have a deep-seated love for Hootie and the Blowfish. No, not just Darius Rucker. Hootie Baby!

While those are silly examples, the more events I attend, conversations I join, and parts of myself that I give, the more I get in return.

A moms group can offer advice and support, encouragement, an outlet for crafting, and of course, play dates, but it can also be more and as I'm slowly finding as I open myself up, a place to be yourself, yes, as a mother, but also as the woman and friend God created you to be. A great moms group will give each other a little room to breathe on the journey.
I have found a group of moms to walk with me as I raise our children. I also think we naturally connect more with some people over others, and a moms group offers the opportunity to make those close friendships.

And now I need to clean my house for a crafty play date with these ladies tomorrow!


Courtney DeFeo at Lil Light O' Mine said...

I'm so glad you shared this - shows what beautiful things can come when you say YES! And start something.

Elizabeth said...

I feel the same way while we're looking for a small group at church. Most of them have been established and will already have formed their relationships. Because of quarantine, then the cast, we weren't able to put A in the nursery while we attended service. And we didn't have a sitter to leave her with while we went. So I am ready to get back to church, sign up for a group & try to be open. Like you mentioned, the more we put ourselves out there, the more we will be able to form these friendships.

D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

I joined a group on meetup when Noah was a few months old, and it was a lifesaver for me.

faith yates said...

aww this is so great. this has been a big struggle for me. it's hard to step out of our comfort zones and i really, REALLY struggle putting myself out there- and you so admire me to doing just that! i love hootie and the blowfish too! great mama pic!