Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hey There Smalls,

I can't help but smile as I look through the pictures for this 7 month post of yours.  There is this little firecracker of a personality emerging behind those blue eyes. Basically, kiddo, you are just something else.

You are such a happy boy, and boy do you love your Daddy. I am always entertained watching you turn in his direction any time he speaks, and you often get a neck workout looking his way during football games where Daddy is spouting off about this or that.  Now you just have to work on calling him. Speaking of "speaking," I'm pretty sure you say, "Mmmmma" when you are so hungry and impatient and just so ready to eat. I also think you attempt to say "bottle" with a little "B" sound coming from your mouth.  I'm not throwing first words on the situation just yet, but it's a start.

You sure do manage to look so very innocent. We aren't totally fooled though, little buddy.  From attempting to catapult yourself over the side of the baby bathtub to splash in big brother's water on the outside, to rolling and scooting however and wherever to get your hands on Brother's coveted flying machines, you are going to keep us on our toes.

We love watching how very proud you are of yourself.  Yes, sometimes it's that you have your hands on something you shouldn't. Other times it's for great baby milestones like pulling up on your hands and feet in a push-up position or an attempted clap that is becoming your signature fist clap.  Hey, it's nice:  achieves the purpose of celebration without all of that hands smacking together racket!

With a wonderfully contagious smile and an even better giggle, you light up our days. And yes, you still light up the nights sometimes too, and your sentiments are not so cordial. Regardless, we adore your happiness, sweet baby.

You cut a few top teeth this month. I've even forgotten how much trouble they gave you, but I see one or two more on the horizon in the near future so we just might be reminded.

And you have been chomping down in the food department. At first you turned your nose up at so many things. Maybe you were just mad that I just wasn't feeding you fast enough. I think you have adjusted now to the fact that "solids" don't come as fast as milk out of a bottle!

You love avocado just like your Momma (and Daddy and Brother for that matter), but not so much peas or carrots. Sometimes your entire body shudders when I try to sneak in bites of these.

You are sweet, my J, just so super sweet. We know God made you the perfect fit for our family.

And then:

Hey, what's this?

Is it edible?

What do you think, Momma?

Photo shoot over! 


Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

Beautiful eyes! I cna't believe he is seven months! Where does the time go?

Natalie said...

I love him PERIOD. Too cute! :)

Nicole said...

He is so adorable! You just see his little personality coming through the page!