Friday, October 4, 2013

Rough and Tumble and a Dash of Tutus

We lost a good one yesterday.

Well, not really a good one.

It was just a tooth, a tooth that was "good" no longer thanks to an injury last year. I see so many beaux-beauxs in a future filled with boys running here and there in their rough and tumble nature.

But within that nature resides a bravery. I saw it when The Sheriff was first injured and made his ER visit, and I saw it as he sat so small in a dentist's chair not knowing what was to come.

He did it all with the heart of a champ and still has one of the best little boy smiles around!

With all of the testosterone around these parts (cute as they may be), you can also find me over at Houston Moms Blog today allowing my girly side to run free with a no-sew, Houston Texans tutu tutorial.  The fluffier the better right?

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