Thursday, November 21, 2013

Crazy Eight

John Man!

You are very quickly approaching 9 months, so let's get this done! Since you are moving and shaking around these parts, we will make it quick and bullet style.

*You love eating. Bottle time, baby food time -- doesn't matter. Give it to you and fast! You make the funniest face when you are ready for another bite and crack us up by opening your mouth super wide for more. I'm not sure teaching your baby sign language for "more" is even necessary. You let us know.

*You are crawling and pulling up (on everything!) The train table is one of your favorite hangouts and you have recently discovered the shoe rack. Your brother's crocs are your favorite pair to attempt to eat before Momma steps in. Come on, kiddo, shoes are gross!

*You have 8 teeth, and I think from here on out they will be a pain for all of us. Your last one was a doozy!

*You are "talking" more and more and love to hear yourself shriek. I don't mind joining in on the fun either.

*You are a happy baby and love when people greet you in the morning, any time Wyatt hangs out with you, and seeing Daddy come home.

*We've caught you in some trying position (upside down in a storage bin and inside a shelf) and with some funny faces. Thanks for keeping us laughing, but let's take it easy on the daredevil antics, ok?


D @ Naptime in Suburbia said...

He looks like such a happy guy! Can't believe how big he is already!!

Erin said...

He gets cuter in every photo. Happy 8 John!

Natalie said...

I love him and his chunkiness!

Elizabeth said...

I just want to squeeze him!!
Happy 8 months!!