Thursday, November 14, 2013

Life Created Tuesdays :: Leaves of Thanks

While the call of Christmas music is tempting us to forego the Turkey's big day, we are doing our best to take some time this November to remember our blessings and be thankful for the small things that make life sweet. We gave the bird the spotlight in crafting these Candy Apple Turkeys, but I knew I wanted to do more with this season. 

I've been wanting to join the fun with Erin and Sarah for Life Created Tuesdays for a while now, and sharing our easy Thanksgiving window decorations seems like the perfect chance. I'm not sure where I came across this method, but we have adapted it several times now for various activities, and while it might not be "Fall" yet in our neck of the woods, it was fun to explore and talk about the various shades that this season brings. 

1. White coffee filters
2. Washable markers
3. Permanent marker
4. Medicine dropper
5. Small bowl of water and trays for drying

1. Draw a variety of tree leaves with permanent marker on filters. I found outlines here to look at and freehand. 
2. With your little ones, color leaves in Fall colors with washable markers. Encourage use of several colors on each leaf for blending. The more color, the better your leaves will turn out. 

3. Using a medicine dropper, add drops of water to each leaf until entire leaf is wet. (Hooray for fine motor skills!) 

4. Allow to dry. 

We try to write what we are thankful for each day around the edges of the leaves and hang on our back window for the stained glass effect.  Although we have gotten some repetition (little man is especially thankful for airplanes and helicopters--imagine!), he's also made a few connections here and there about being thankful for people that I didn't quite expect, and we have added our own "parental" ideas like our house and warm beds and those not-so-exciting-as-things-that-fly blessings.

As we continue to move through this season of thanks, may you and yours be blessed with reasons for thanksgiving each and every day!


Erin said...

These are so great! Glad you linked up with us this week :)

Natalie said...

Ooh I love these!

Nicole said...

We make leaves every year, writing what we are thankful for each day. Even Mari gets in on the action. She is very thankful for all her saints, my parents, my brother and my great aunt! And food.

Miss you!