Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We Believe(d) That We Will Win!

World Cup 2014 will be one I will always remember. It's much like the one four years ago when we watched games while very pregnant with W and drinking Icees with reckless abandon.  Perhaps this tournament, if Abram had been born later, we just might have named him Jurgen. Ok, not really. His name had been chosen for a while now.

My mom made the boys matching shirts; we watched the hype videos. We were ready.  By the time the games began, John had his own version of the "I Believe" chant and didn't hesitate to bust out his go-to dance bounce and sing it whenever he saw an American flag. 'Atta boy!

We had pizza picnics in front of the t.v. and mini M&Ms shakers to cheer our team on and eat when we needed a distraction. We took out toys that were in hiding so Momma could watch the afternoon games. 

We believed our lucky shirts were helping our boys to victory. We pretended Dempsey was Superman and Howard was the Hulk.

We planted a seed (for future soccer players perhaps). We believed.
And while the team had some success and some heartbreak, our hearts filled with pride watching our guys hang with the world's best one memorable summer.

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Anonymous said...

aww they are just plain adorable!