Saturday, August 8, 2009

Calling all Wild Things

My inner child silently waiting 18 years. My inner child dreaming of the day magic hits the big screen. My inner child sitting on the edge of her seat and ready to dissolve into a world outside her own.

These versions of the little "me" flashed before me as I viewed the trailer for October's Where the Wild Things Are film release. If you don't believe in a world deeper than what our eyes witness or our ears hear; if you don't believe in the beauty of a child's imagination; if you don't believe in adventure--suspend your beliefs.

If you didn't grow up reading this story before you went to sleep, act now! Speed to your local library or bookstore and check out this bound gem of a story. Viewing the big-screen trailer, I predict that the childhood enchantment created by this book will delve deeper, and as an adult I will truly appreciate Max and his tangle with anger and overcoming through love. I, for one, can't wait to embrace "We're all wild. We're all things."

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Suzanne said...

Hey Wild Thing, I miss ya :)

Just so you know, Brad and I made homemade red beans and rice this past weekend for the very firt time! We brought them to our Monday pot luck supper group and I must admit, it was a success!! Yum!