Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reliving Life with the iPhone

I'm not one to keep up with software updates, and certainly not one to plug my iPhone in every time I take photos to load onto my computer. In fact, sometimes my today's-life-made-so-easy cellular device barely makes it to the charger.

That being said, I plugged in my iBaby a couple of days ago, and low and behold, so many memories flooded back through the pictures captured within that touch-screen wonder. Let's take a ride through a few of them.

Exhibit A: I can be spontaneous! (sometimes)--Cajun Cowgirl's younger brother called (two Tiger football seasons ago) with an extra ticket to watch Nick Saban return to Tiger Stadium after leaving for more dough at Alabama. Although it was an early morning, I told my husband that we had to do it. Here I am on the wya. Cajun Cowboy (hubby) actually went into the stadium while I tailgated outside with my younger brother's college buddies. My brother's words to his friends, "Make sure she has enough to drink." Thanks for looking out for me little bro!

Exhibit B: I fit the stereotype--white people love grammar:

Really Sulphur, LA? "Appertizer?" Yes, I felt rather proud of myself for finding such a proofreading error and also noted that this heading should be plural. Come on; you've listed more than one there. On another note, the food at The Boiling Point is a Cajun culinary treat.
(Note to reader: If you find grammar errors with these words, ask yourself, "Are you white?" Then enjoy!)

And Buffalo Wild Wings, didn't you learn possessive pronouns?

Exhibit C: I love my girlfriends (Orange Beach '09):

There isn't a group shot; obviously someone's taking the picture, but I love these ladies. I met all three (and four counting a sister) in elementary school, our friendship grew throughout high school, and there are few other women I know who inspire me like them. My New Year's Resolution each year is to work harder to draw closer to each and make time to spend time with them. On this trip--white sand, hotel room blended frozen drinks, plenty of sunshine, and even more shared giggles, laughter, and weekend "quotables"-- what more could a girl want?

Sand dollars? gods? Symbols of our individual stories meeting in various chapters of our lives. Stories in which we seek dreams, lose hope, find hope, and end up stronger and closer because of them.
But it wasn't all chick-flick bonding and a Hallmark film. Yes my friends, drinking and dancing ensued. You just can't head that way and skip the Florabama.

Exhibit D: I can do math--

What do you get when you add together musical talent from the great state of LA, margaritas (with salt!) from Cyclone Anaya's, and a fabulous husband? One helluva night!
Cajun Cowboy got tickets to see Better Than Ezra at the House of Blues, and we opened the night with the obligatory pre-concert food and beverage: Tex-Mex. Here's a piece of my pre-concert, picture-happy persona:

Exhibit E: I appreciate the little things--

In Winnsboro, LA (referenced previously and known as the "Stars and Stripes Capitol of Louisiana") I discovered McLattes. In fact, after indulging in that chocolaty goodness the morning of an afternoon wedding, I wagered two of these caffeine marvels on the chances of rap music being played at the reception. Winner winner. (Chip, you owe me!)
And what else can make a graduate's big day besides one's very own graduation sheep? dog? worm? Walmart, you've outdone yourself. What's not to love?

Yet, that's not all Winnsboro has to offer. Check out what the trinket machines outside of our brunch restaurant contain. You saw it here first, friends.

And one other nugget of happiness, not one in Winnsboro, but another LA classic. Just drive over the bridge in Lake Charles, and you'll find yourself greeted by this little guy. Yellow eyes of death? Why yes, thanks for noticing.

Exhibit F (List getting too long yet?--I said I never upload pics): I know I'm not too old to learn life's lessons--

Expecting a crowded bar? Want to obtain "hook-ups" of the home team's signature beer glasses? Bring cookies to the bar! Specifically, try these. Worked like a charm. Unfortunately, after getting volume on the LSU/Florida game this year, we proceeded to watch Tim Tebow have his way with LSU's defense to win the game. Ouch! At least we had cookies for comfort.

Garden Ridge--is it a decorator's dream, a homemaker's haven, a Christmas elf's wonderland or perhaps a clutterbug's junk bowl? While I'll leave that answer to your own interpretation of the housewares mega store, I have learned this: should you decide to hit this place on a Saturday in the month before Christmas perhaps for one last string of lights, or maybe beads, or even for a deal on life size elves, think again. Shop early folks!

Lesson 3--It's never too late to learn the correct way to wear your clothing. Take the famous toe sock, for example. One looks at this sock thinking, "Why would the design be on the bottom?" Well, that "one" being me of course. Surely that big toe slot only fit one way.
Just this past Christmas a good friend rocked my world showing me how to flip the sock over. Magic!

We hear it all the time, but do we really take it in? "Don't knock it 'til you try it." I found happiness in that piece of advice attending a quilting class one Saturday morning with my mom. In their own words, this was a "hoot!" Quilters will put a stitch in your side. Da, dum, da. Thank you, I'll be back again tomorrow.

I'm almost done. I promise. As little as two days ago, this lesson presented itself: get up while watching the Super Bowl from the most comfortable chair in the room, and your husband will stealthily find his way into it. Enough said.

Exhibit G: I am proud to be an American (where at least I know I'm free...), but I love being from Cajun Country. God bless LA!

I'm not a huge Saints fan. In fact, I mostly play along when the family gets together to watch the games. My NFL football heart beats these days for the Houston Texans, and I don't see that changing. However, watching the Saints this season stomp their way through their division and into the Super Bowl was magical. The games itself were entertaining, and Brees, Bell, Sharper, and Bush provided outstanding moments of football; however, watching the joys brought to my 95 year old grandmother after a Saints victory, crowds of strangers hugging in NOLA bars after winning the big dance, players (led by Brees) donating time, talent, and resources to help the city around them, and a picture of what faith is and what belief can be--all of these--made me proud that there is a "Cajun" to Cajun Cowgirl.

It was down in Louisiana....

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Yay!!! You're back with a smash!! And why do I miss that beach so much lately?!? We'll get back there one day :)