Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Avoid Writing Procrastination

If Dr. Wicked graced the World Wide Web with this handy, yet pressure-filled, tool years ago as I kicked myself night-before after night-before, I would have walked the college campus a more rested and stress-free student.'s Writing Lab allows users to set a time in which he or she must fulfill a set goal of number of words for an essay or writing of choice.

Here's my top 5 for why college students everywhere must embrace:
1. Fulfilling your goal brings cheery, congratulatory, Western-we-beat-the-bad-guys music.
2. Dr. W is quite bright and on target, advising upon fulfilling your task, " suggestion is to leave them alone for a while, words need time to mature, like fine wines. Don't watch the aging process, you want the wine, right now it's just moldy grapes."
3. Once you begin, you can't turn back. Although you are on the computer, Facebook and chatting will be much less tempting.
4. There is a pause for restroom, food, or the ever pressing need to check Facebook break. Just one pause, therefore you, slacker, can't abuse the system.
5. Choose your own consequences to suit your "learning style"--Kamikaze mode erases your words if you don't work fast enough. Ouch!

So maybe I still would have waited until the night before assignments were due, but that night before might be a bit shorter with Dr. Wicked's help, leaving more time for, well, maybe not rest, but perhaps a longer night of live music, great friends, and celebratory beverages of course.

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