Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Even Cowgirls Have Babies

It's Houston Livestock and Rodeo Season, and Tuesday, March 9, 2010, Darius Rucker would be the post bull-riding, steer roping, barrel-racing entertainment.

Tickets in hand, good friends by my side, an appetite primed for Houston BBQ, and boots on my....

Wait a second, no boots on my feet! You want me to rodeo with no boots?!? That's mainly why this Cajun bought the darn things in the first place.

Turns out that maternity jeans (at least the ones I currently rock) aren't designed for boot scootin' boogieing in my best (and only) $h!t kickers. Next time I'm preggers and it's rodeo time, I vow to check into Cowpoke Maternity. (Isn't the name alone great?) Quickly overlook the blouses section to avoid fashion fright, but check out the jeans and tees. Now preggers can embrace the rodeo in style. Notice, I'm not all about finding some Wrangler jeans and button downs to tuck in and show off one's finest belt buckle. Actually, Wrangler doesn't even make maternity jeans, a fact I found shocking at first, but then again, their look relies heavily on tucking something in, and anyone who's had a protruding basketball shaped pregnancy belly knows that this just won't work.

I just wanted cute clothing so I'd have the chance to wear my boots. Here's baby's first rodeo. In the future, s/he may have a brother/sister in the works and a styling boot-wearin' cowgirl mamma!


Erin+Josh said...

HA I just blogged about Rodeo too...isn't it so much fun? I bet baby will be boot scootin' right outta the womb =)

Alisha said...

Oh you're so cute. Love that little round belly growing!