Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fun

Thanks again to  My Life in the Men's Room for this blog idea! The Shrimp couldn't help but be completely lovable this week. Of course, he was still a pill sometimes, but aren't we all!


I hope God takes care I've been an emotional girl.

Outside my window... gorgeous! Thanks for hitting Houston, Fall!

I am listening to... drum roll please.... yep, the baby monitor again.

I am wearing... jeans that have both been tee-teed on by Shrimp and spit up upon. Oh dear!

I am loving...The Biggest Loser!

I appreciate...  my mom and grandmother. Words of wisdom come from both!

From the kitchen...The spinach/tomato/mushroom creamy (due to dairy free butter and rice milk) was actually quite tasty and made enough for noshing on leftovers all week. My mouth was watering the whole time though thinking of how much better it would be with real butter and milk. Mmm. Wyatt, grow out of this intolerance soon! Tonight we are rehashing the bacon episode.

I am proud... of my family's sense of determination.

One of my favorite things... walking into Shrimp's room in the morning. What a great smile!

I am grateful... for modern medicine. 

I am thinking about... probiotics for babies????

What I dreamed this week ...  This week was a doozy! First, early in the week I dreamed we were at St. Anthony's Church back in good ole' LA in the cry room, except it wasn't just a cry room. There were big screen televisions which were supposed to be airing the Mass but instead were showing a UT football game. Cowboy was obsessed with watching it for some reason. However, there was also a television that showed the congregation what we were watching and I was so embarrassed that everyone thought we were watching football instead of paying attention to Mass!
The next night I dreamed that someone was trying to kidnap Shrimp. Intense!  A later dream that night had Cowboy telling me we had to army crawl around Wyatt's room so we wouldn't wake him after we put him down. 

I am praying...for bellies.

Shrimp... is gearing up for a Halloween weekend! By this I mean, Momma is putting all of his Halloween clothes on him this weekend. We visited my old school today with his "My first Boo!" onesie. It will be washed before Sunday to grab another wear out of it. He's almost got rolling from back to tummy down. He is a great tummy to back roller. Maybe this weekend we'll work on it more!

What I realized... I smell like baby spit up! Outfit change time.

Planning for the weekend.. some down time on Saturday will be nice and then it's neighborhood fun for Halloween on Sunday!

A picture thought I am sharing...

Watch it.

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