Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Meet Benedryl.
Useful for relieving itch due to "poison ivy, oak, and sumac." I have no idea what sumac is and don't want to find out, but I've always grabbed this for a bite that won't stop itching. 

Last weekend I found myself with what I've home diagnosed as a spider bite on my neck. Sorry no pictures. It wasn't that exciting. Really. Just itched a bit. So.....

Now meet my bottle of Benedryl. Useful for....... nothing.
 Check this expiration date.
 Yes, my friends, this bad boy reads November of 1999. It has graced the dorms of  LA Tech and journeyed to Houston and moved three times since being a Texan. Why I continued to pack this up and bring with me? Who knows. It seemed to work on my bite, but sometimes I think it's just mental anyway. It is a good reminder, however, to go through my medicine cab in search of other gems that need chunking.

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Miss E said...

Oh my gosh, I've done this too! Makes me think it has been awhile since I last went through our medicine cabinet...might be time to throw more stuff away!