Friday, October 22, 2010

Your Weekly Dose of Friday Fun

Thanks again to  My Life in the Men's Room for this blog idea! The Shrimp couldn't help but be completely lovable this week. Of course, he was still a pill sometimes, but aren't we all!


I hope God takes care of... justice.

Outside my window...It's beautiful! Hot but windy. And just when I thought we'd meet Karen of Tales from Chenoland, who hasn't posted in forever by the way, for lunch, Shrimp took a monster nap and woke up needing to eat. Boys! Well, we'll meet next week hopefully, and I guess she's excused from blogging being that the Fall is always super busy at school.

I am listening to...pandora -- Sugarland Radio

I am wearing...a real outfit! You see, that lunch that we were supposed to have, well, I thought I'd try to look presentable. Nope. All dressed up and nowhere to go! But I've got on dark jeans and a somewhat dressy sleeveless blouse. The word blouse bothers me. Maybe I should say sleeveless "top." Well, I guess we'll make a trip to the grocery store to make the shower, blowdrying of hair, and dirtying of an outfit worth it! 

I am loving...the silly side of Shrimp!

I appreciate...  video baby monitors. I'd have to go check in on every noise if not.

From the kitchen...I made a chicken soup and turkey enchiladas this past weekend. We were able to eat on leftovers every night. So yes, I'm tired of the soup, but I think it's a game plan to go with for a little while. This weekend I will go for some tomato, spinach pasta and maybe we'll do that bacon wrapped theme meal again. Actually, I'm thinking tonight we'll take the kitchen outside and do steaks.

I am proud... that I've blogged (albeit a short one) in between the Friday Fun posts. 

One of my favorite things...Coke! After pregnancy I've given up on diet coke, so a caffeine free real coke is the perfect fix on a long afternoon.

I am grateful...that it's Friday!

I am thinking about...trying to understand why the wireless network on my laptop won't pick up. Yep, Cowboy, this means I am on your computer.

What I dreamed this week ...  I need to write these down each day. I woke up every morning this week in a sweat and thinking about the bizarre dream I just had. Some where thriller type dreams where someone was after me. I can't remember all of them. I do remember one though. Turns out my old students were trying to sabotage my CCE 1st grade religion class. They were messing with the lights and playing horrible pranks while I was trying to keep the attention of 12 antsy kiddos.

I am praying...for my Godchildren.

Shrimp... might be teething! He's drooling up a storm and wanting to put everything in his mouth, not to mention running a tiny fever.

What I realized... I have afternoon meltdowns too!

Planning for the weekend..we get to hang out with Kenny and Daphne for some LSU football and grilling. Hopefully Wyatt brings his chipper self. I do want to try to bring Wyatt for the obligatory "it's my first halloween" pumpkin patch pictures. Maybe Saturday morning

A picture thought I am sharing...

Miss ya

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