Monday, February 21, 2011

Las Vegas Cake Pops

I did a little bit of looking back at ye ole pictures this weekend, and first, could not believe how many pictures of food I have. Dear Sheriff, when we pass away and you look back at our lives in photographs, please do not think we are that weird.

Anyway, I came across my Las Vegas Dice Cake Pops and realized that I never blogged about these gems. I think they came out really cute, and of course, always really tasty, so they must be shared.

If you need instructions, visit Bakerella, or check my Lady Bugs out here.  But I just made squares instead of balls, and I actually liked forming the squares better, but it was somewhat harder to keep the shape when coating with the chocolate. My decorating tools weren't the best. The red decorating gel smeared and sort of "melted" at some point. They came out really cute for the pics, but making these again, I'd find the right tools for the trade to decorate.

And here are the sweet friends that helped us a) lose our money b) celebrate Cowboy's 30th and c) party it up Vegas Style!
The girls--sorry guys. We are cuter anyway!

If you are interested in purchasing cake pops/balls for any events you have in the future, let me know. They are super easy to make, but if you don't trust your own culinary instincts, give me a holler.

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