Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene - "Up and At 'Em!"

 Saturday morning started here with The Sheriff seeing DaDa and not being able to get out of the crib and into his arms fast enough! Check out that face!

While Cowboy took care of the morning bottle I whipped up some "egg and cheese on toast" as deemed in the Loupe household. I grew up with calling it a fried egg sandwich with my girl Shelly Babin, but the new nomenclature will work just fine.

And then we were off to Momma's bed where The Sheriff made a new game "hiding" and then rolling back over for me to say "peek-a-boo" and tickle him.  He moved way too fast to catch him in the hiding or laughing pose. A fancy schmancy camera is on my wish list.

Great food and even better company--what's not to love!


the workaholic momma said...

just stopping by from SMS - your little boy is adorable!!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Thanks! I was actually just at your site as well thanks to SMS! Your baby girl is just precious!

Katie~Loves Of Life said...

Your breakfast sandwich looks yummy :)